Since some are confused about who our enemies are in the "war on terror"

Yet another pretty good analytical report that will never be mentioned in the mainstream media. If you rely on cable of news of any alleged political stripe….you’re not getting the news.

Separating the Taliban from al-Qaeda: The Core of Success in Afghanistan

Key Findings

• The Taliban and al-Qaeda remain distinct groups
with different goals, ideologies, and sources of recruits;
there was considerable friction between them before
September 11, 2001, and today that friction persists.

• Elements of current U.S. policy in Afghanistan,
especially night raids and attempts to fragment the Taliban,
are changing the insurgency, inadvertently creating
opportunities for al-Qaeda to achieve its objectives and
preventing the achievement of core goals of the United
States and the international community.

• There is room to engage the Taliban on the issues
of renouncing al-Qaeda and providing guarantees against
the use of Afghanistan by international terrorists in a way
that will achieve core U.S. goals.

Read the rest from the NYU Center for International Cooperation


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