Apparently the world is going to end……

sometime before 6:00 pm Eastern time this Saturday.


At least it’s a good excuse for some bacchanalian carousing Friday night!

Maybe you’ve seen the signs of the apocalypse.
One was spotted in New York. Literally. The kind with lettering. Next to a sidewalk squatter, not far from the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum. This wasn’t a vague the-end-is-nigh warning. This guy knew when: May 21, 2011.
Billboards scattered around the country, from Vineland, N.J., to Nashville, also proclaim that’s the date of Judgment Day, when Jesus Christ returns.
The message comes from California-based radio evangelist Harold Camping, who did the math and calculated the time left to “turn away from your sins and humbly beg, beseech, and implore God for forgiveness,” he writes at his

About 200 million souls will be saved, but the other 6.5 billion or so are doomed when the planet turns to crispy cinders on Oct. 21.
That should end all those worries of obliteration on Dec. 21, 2012, as allegedly predicted by the Mayan calendar, or of Donald Trump being elected president.

All of this becomes moot if, as predicted by the movie Terminator, Skynet becomes self-aware at 8:11 p.m. Tuesday and Judgment Day arrives a week from Thursday.
Those skeptical or nervous might take solace in knowing that Camping has been wrong before, as has anyone else who previously set a date for Armageddon.

“We have indeed already taken bets on the end of the world on many occasions without, as yet, paying out!” said Graham Sharpe, spokesman for British bookmaker a William Hill. “. . . We may have to settle winning bets in Heaven – but we do have branches in the alternative destination as well.”
Also comforting is that NASA hasn’t released any planet-evacuation plans (yet) – or found any killer asteroids.


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