Pistol Packin’ VP?

So according to the chattering class, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is a favorite for the number two job in the eventual-but-assured Romney candidacy.

I like what I see so far, but then again, I gave Sarah Palin the benefit of the doubt too……then she started talking.

I like the fact that is is pro-2nd Amendment, and I do know about her stance on gay marriage. Outside of what is typically found in the news, are there any major detractors with Martinez?

Martinez Bio


5 thoughts on “Pistol Packin’ VP?

  1. If memory serves, Jindal is quite the fundamentalist. This could be strategy for the Romney team [should they choose him] to offset the suspected negative connotations of Mormonism……but a Jindal pick would not sway civil libertarians to the GOP this November.

    Evangelicals really have nowhere else to turn to on Election Day, dismissing Independents could turn out to be a costly mistake.

    I'm not sure Haley would join the ticket, given her current legal issues, but Palinizing is a self inflicted wound.


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