Sad and true on so many levels

I’ve always taken intellectual offense to the “fighting for our freedoms” meme, even in the early days when I supported the Iraq war. That offense currently extends to the notion that we enjoy unprecedented freedoms in our own country. Liberty is more often used as a political cudgel than a guiding principle.


3 thoughts on “Sad and true on so many levels

  1. SF – I thnik that answer would be a resounding no. We have vocal groups on the left who would consider our founding principles to be ever evolving without due process and vocal groups on the right who try and revise the meaning to fit what they feel got left out.

    The muddled majority in the middle aren't armed with the education nor the personal sense of initiative to understand those guiding principles.

    We're the outliers…..

    MSgt B – I don't know if you see this from your perspective, but I'm increasingly of the view that national issues of liberty are window dressing for pundits, true tyranny is residing alive and well at the local level.


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