Beck’s Brain

I’m sure he mean’s well, but I just can’t wrap my head around most of Beck’s ‘theories’.


4 thoughts on “Beck’s Brain

  1. I think he's a master showman. He takes a grain of truth and grows it into great conspiracy theories.

    I do give him great credit for getting people interested in the founders and our constitution again.

    I've got a post up today rebutting a ridiculous anti-libertarian screed someone posted in a comment thread last week. You'd probably enjoy it.


  2. No, you're right…I will give him some credit for that. I'd give him more, but he [and he's not alone] has a penchant for only choosing quotes from Founders that prop up his argument of the day.

    I read your piece, and it was excellent. I didn't have enough time to formulate anything witty to remark on it….been a busy day. But I did discover that as of today/yesterday, my blog is blocked at work due to “Adult Content”.

    Oddly I can post and view my Blogger Draft page. Not entirely sure whats pornographic about my blog…..


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