A path forward?

In his first interview since his party’s electoral thumping last week, Jindal urged Republicans to both reject anti-intellectualism and embrace a populist-tinged reform approach that he said would mitigate what exit polls show was one of President Barack Obama’s most effective lines of attack against Mitt Romney.

Calling on the GOP to be “the party of ideas, details and intelligent solutions,” the Louisianan urged the party to “stop reducing everything to mindless slogans, tag lines, 30-second ads that all begin to sound the same. “

He added: “Simply being the anti-Obama party didn’t work. You can’t beat something with nothing. The reality is we have to be a party of solutions and not just bumper-sticker slogans but real detailed policy solutions.”


I’m no political historian, but I have seen what I believe to be a rise in a reliance on meme’s and sloganeering in the past campaign season, from both parties….but I could generally care less what the Democrats do. I don’t always succeed, but I try to make a policy argument on intellectual grounds, as free as possible from rank emotional satisfaction. This has been one of my bigger beefs with how the GOP has pursued electoral success. If an argument is sound and just on it’s merits alone, you don’t need to pander to the lowest common denominators of discourse to make your point. If a position cannot stand on it’s own merits, then why are you making the case to begin with?

I believe policy positions should be tested against preconceived notions and confirmation bias. This intellectual process seems to be a rarity these days.


9 thoughts on “A path forward?

  1. “I'm no political historian, but I have seen what I believe to be a rise in a reliance on meme's and sloganeering in the past campaign season, from both parties….”
    I agree CI, but I do think the sloganeering was much more prevalent in the Obama campaign. You only need to look at facebook to see that.


  2. No doubt that it occurred with the Democrats, but I was referring to statements by candidates, politicians and their surrogates…rather than supportive voters.

    But I also don't travel around FB much, if at all; so it certainly could have been more prevalent there.


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