Went looking for Zeus….he wasn’t home

Hiked the Mt Olympus Trail [Wa’ahila Ridge] on Oahu this morning. I got my money’s worth on this one.

Fairly technical in some places….hand over hand on rocks and roots, and in one location, a rope that is almost essential for making it to the top of one rise.

View of Honolulu from Mt Olympus Trail
View of Diamond Head
Canopy from above
Found my roots….they suck when wet
This is a trail….?


4 thoughts on “Went looking for Zeus….he wasn’t home

  1. Considering your shield emblem, I would have thought that you knew the right neighborhood to be in for that Guy.

    Good job on the hike. The best I could do was Diamond Head, but that was because the wife & in-laws were along (yeah, that's it …).

    Any good Hawaiian scotch?


  2. Touche!

    I'll hit DH when the wife and kids come out to visit. In the meantime, I'm on a quest to regain my Spartan fighting form [weight loss and working out].

    Certainly haven't found any local Scotch, and I'd be quite hesitant to try it if I did. But the NEX at Pearl has a pretty good selection.


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