Kaena Point

Saturday was Kaena Point day. Kaena Point is the western most edge of Oahu and only accessible by foot due to a nature preserve, by the North or the South. I opted for the northern route, starting next to Dillingham Airfield, home to Oahu’s skydivers. Not a particularly arduous hike, so I opted to scrabble to entire way down to the point on the volcanic rock, around the tidal pools and dodging sometimes massive waves [yes, you North Shore purists, it wasn’t an Eddie day…but they were still pretty damn big].

The trip down to the point looked mostly like this
And this
Taking this route was long and a bit dangerous at times, but a far better workout than the dirt road I could have taken. Totally worth it.
Reminds me of the Oregon coast. Except warmer. Make that hot. Damn it was hot.
Note to self. I know there’s got to be a trail up there.
It’s no wonder they filmed Lost here.

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