For the next time you hear the intellectually challenged use this comparison……

I speak of course, of the oft cited “we require vehicles to be licensed and registered…so why not guns?” Setting aside the fundamental issue of one being a privilege that the State allows, and the other being a Constitutionally protected right, just come back with the following logic by Lawdog:

I see that the gun grabbers have resurrected the old “We license cars, so why can’t we license guns?” meme.

I tell you what — every time you hear a gun grabber snivel about licensing guns like cars, call him a liar to his face.

I would absolutely love to license guns just like we do cars and drivers — for the same reason that every gun grabber who suggests it is lying through his or her snaggle teeth.

Think about it.

Read the rest….it’s worth it.

h/t Sean Sorrentino


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