‘Vigilantism’ v. the Sheeple

Amidst the blathering by the profiteering race pimps, is the argument questioning why citizens should have the right to use lethal force to defend themselves. Even though Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was rendered moot by testimony proving that Zimmerman’s actions met the definition of self defense in any jurisdiction, the law itself is now “on trial” in the court of public opinion [and the complicit media], and being prosecuted by those who have a political agenda that seeks only to disarm the citizen and remove any equalizing instrument in the face of assault upon their person.

What gets ignored in the argument as posited by the profiteering sheeple, is why would the law abiding citizen have to incur the burden of risk when they are the party being assaulted in a criminal act?

And then we have our POTUS politicizing this case as a platform for gun control. Classy.


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