Starbucks Appreciation Day

Love or hate their coffee, please try and stop by your local Starbucks and show them your support and gratitude for follwoing thei respective state’s firearm laws. Starbucks is officially neutral on the subject of 2A right and gun control, but in an age where many businesses kowtow to the faux-populist intimidation by the gun control cabal, they have stood firm.

I did my part, stopping by the Starbucks on my way to work.

Mix guns and coffee and what do you get? A controversial Friday for Starbucks, as gun enthusiasts converge on thousands of Starbucks in Kansas City and across the nation.

It’s all part of a “Starbucks Gun Owners Appreciation Day,” which is being promoted by gun lovers. (Check out the interesting twist on the Starbucks logo on the cup in this link.)

The event endorses the view of CEO Howard Schultz, who has said weapons-toting customers are welcome to get their caffeine fixes at his shops.

It’s good business for Starbucks, given the number of Americans who absurdly think their 2nd Amendment rights are in danger of being taken away.

These are the people who want to take guns into public places to show they won’t be intimidated by gun-control advocates.

Or so the story goes.

The “Appreciation Day” has, of course, prompted the gun-control crowd to criticize Starbucks for being so positive about customers carrying guns in their stores.


h/t Alphecca

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