Movin’ on up……

With work going at breakneck speed, and never-ending projects around the house, I have been a Slacker Blogger of late. Though nobody is depending on my musings to get through their day, I do apologize nonethess.

To add to my list of all-things-not-blogging, I have finally taken the leap and become the proud parent of a shiny new Apple Macbook Pro. She was delivered without complications [other than UPS being a day late due to snow], and has barely made a sqawk. She certainly seems to require far less care and feeding than her older [and learning disabled] brother.

So, before I get back to blogging with any regularity, I’ll be relearning basic computer skills [skillz?] and transfering music, pictures and movies to another drive…or cloud…or clouddrivegooglebox….whatever works bestest and fastest.


2 thoughts on “Movin’ on up……

  1. It's still taking some getting used to, but I haven't looked back. One suggestion that I found valuable, invest in an external HD that works with both PC and Mac without formatting [Seagate is what I bought].
    t makes the transition easier. Mac has a Migration Tool that works over your home network, but it can take forever if you have a large number of files.


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