Typical of the current news paradigm

We find ourselves in the middle of yet another cycle of invented news, contrived drama and faux outrage. I refer of course to the flap over comments made by Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty”.

Now, watching a scripted “reality” show about some good ol’ boys who done got rich making audible lures to entice other ducks to come hither looking to score some tail feather, isn’t remotely factored into my leisure time. But to each their own.

What I do find rather fascinating, is that while this doesn’t qualify as news for me [and as such further grows my disregard for cable “news”], are the various reactions to those comments and the actions of A&E.

Robertson had every right to speak his mind. He was asked a question, and I respect him for giving his honest opinion, whether I agree or disagree with it. A&E however, also has every right to take action against an employee who’s words or deeds can be detrimental to the goal of the company, which of course, is ratings and profit. This is not a 1st Amendment issue, as some politicians and pundits [who should know better] claim. The 1st Amendment protects the citizen against adverse actions by the Government, based on what that citizen thinks or states. Likewise, using the bible as a shield to hide behind, doesn’t disqaulify one from being a dick. Being a dick is protected in our society by our Constitution [indirectly].

That this issue is taking up so much bandwidth and airtime by those who ostensibly exist to bring news to the masses….is simply sad.


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