Hollywood V. the Bible….or, the growing Cult of Victimhood

Not one to miss piling on the most recent outrage de jure, TownHall’s Ben Shapiro makes his case for why we should feel sorry for him. The screed is absurd in toto, but one intellectually retarded sentence stands out above the rest.

But this is Hollywood unmasked: angry, vindictive, self-righteous, anti-Biblical. The case for same-sex marriage rests on an application of Biblical principle — monogamy and commitment — to actions condemned by Biblical text. For years, Hollywood was able to get away with perverting the Bible by ignoring it. But in its rush to congratulate itself for overthrowing Biblical values without a shot, Hollywood spiked the football and revealed its true agenda. And that agenda is not the agenda of tolerance for individuals, but an ugly agenda of unearned moral superiority via destruction of traditional values.


Apparently those-looking-to-be-offended now think that besides denying equal access to a contract that has no legal basis in the Bible, ignoring said tome is tantamount to perverting it? That’s a new low for those attending Our Lady of Perpetual Victimhood. It’s now not enough to live your own life in accordance with the beliefs you personally hold….you must compel all other citizens to live by those beliefs….which you cannot prove and have no legal basis in our Founding documents….

Classy Ben, real classy……


2 thoughts on “Hollywood V. the Bible….or, the growing Cult of Victimhood

  1. Well, I respect your opinion and your right to believe and live in accordance with your belief system. It's a shame that you don't accord the same of your fellow citizens.

    If some are to be judged for violating one tenet of Levitical Law, they will be in large company, of those who disregard the other tenets.

    Some believe fervently in Liberty….and some merely pay it politically correct lip service in pursuit of religious preferentialism.


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