The Great Debate will never die

You’d think that the whole Copernicus thing might have taught us that trying to reconcile Biblical literalism with a historical account of anthropology and cosmology doesn’t work out so well for the church. And it’s not just because we’re becoming more secular and Godless. 

Science figured out something long ago that religion still struggles with. Built into the scientific method is the assumption that all hypotheses and theories should be held loosely, and ultimately, released in exchange for new ones when the evidence before us calls for it. Religion, on the other hand, tends to carve out a position and defend it tirelessly, from generation to generation, sometimes to the death.

Never mind if it’s clearly absurd, counterintuitive and based in bronze-age thinking. It’s what a “good Christian” does.

Christian Piatt, commenting on the recent Bill Nye v. Ken Ham [Evolution v. Creation] debate

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