The most ironic spokesperson at CPAC 2014

I’m probably bestowing this title prematurely, as I don’t believe Sarah Palin has spoken yet. So I anticipate redacting the title tomorrow.

Now, I would agree with Mrs Bachmann, that the Conservative ideology is, at it’s core, far more intellectual [leaps and bounds actually] than anything coming from the left. But to have Michelle Bachmann deliver this speech, almost negates the message. Bachmann is a member of the pantheon of right wing bumper sticker machines…..who spout cliches and catch phrases when you put a quarter in her..

She is of the ilk that believe liberty is only available to Christians…and any counter to that pursuit is nothing short of Communism.

But, not being a Republican, the cadre of CPAC can obviously do as they see fit.


6 thoughts on “The most ironic spokesperson at CPAC 2014

  1. I'm not listening to Bachman because I've never been a fan. Why bother? I can't stand Palin but actually thought she wasn't half bad that night; she was keynote speaker; it's WHAT THEY DO, fire the base.
    Did you know you CAN see Russia from Alaska? Yes, you can……….

    I wish I was dumb enough to figure out how to be a governor….and hold my head up high after all the insults from the left and the elitist right.
    Again, I can't stand the woman, but I do give her that credit.


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