When the SOCOM Commander speaks…..you should listen

This has been on the net for a couple of weeks now, so I’m finally getting around to sharing it. THIS is what commencement speeches should be.


20 thoughts on “When the SOCOM Commander speaks…..you should listen

  1. Loved it CI. I've seen the BUDS documentaries, and know a couple that went through it. One went on and completed Marine Recon also and that's where he's at now as a SARC.


  2. I don't get why you guys like this sort of stuff. It's so superficial, the foundation of character in jingoist eyes.

    I think commencement speeches should give real advice about the real world that these young people are about to finally and totally engage.

    You don't have to change the world. Sometimes it doesn't need changing, or at least not the particular sort of changing you may prefer. The lust for “changing the world” coming from the military institutions these days should scare the pulsating spleens right out of us.

    And you don't have to be an uptight goofball to be successful. In fact, and I'm certain of this, it will put a ceiling over your aspirations. Fussing over everything is the supreme human waste of time.



  3. Likewise, I don't get why many people like the other flavors of commencement addresses….or why your opinion of whether the world should change or not….trumps my opinion. Or why you think aspiring to ideals of perseverance over life's obstacles, limits one's success. I can tell you with certainty that is hasn't limited my personal success.

    Some of us place a priority on the values of duty and honor…and for us, the military represents these values…and indeed some of us have lived these values precisely because of being in the military. I want very much to change the world, from it's current paradigm, to one that engenders a respect for individual sovereignty and accountability.


  4. CI, I don't get the change the world thing either. It's basic human Arrogance. If you want to get into law enforcement it's clean up the world. If you want to become Apple Inc, it's provide a product a lot of people like for a price, it's not change the world.
    No if you could come up with a disease that only affected assholes, then you'd be changing the world.


  5. Fair point, but the phrase 'changing the world' is really a euphemism for positively affecting those around you, to the extent you can…by persuasion or example. It's not really referring to a shift in a global or cultural paradigm….but that the actions of individuals can have a cascading effect in their sphere of influence. This happens all the time….it's just that we're currently cascading in the wrong direction.


  6. Got to watch what you wish for though…….you create this infection…you're only one more mutation away from it being used against the non-assholes.

    I'd rather see the zombie apocalypse happen and clear out the trash all at once. Then it's one big moving target range for the rest of us, until they decompose in the elements.


  7. Damn you…now I'm jealous I was ready to pul the trigger on a Tundra a couple of years ago, but was accepted at my current organization, which doubled my commute. So I went with a commuter car in order to not spend my new paycheck on gas.


  8. Well, it gets 13.1 avg mpg. We bought a RAV4 at the same time and this is what I usually commute with 23 mpg. The Tundra will come in handy later on when we occasionally tow a mobile abode.
    I gotta say, I looked at the big 3 and given the specs of the Tunrdra at 33k, I'd have had to spend another 10 K on any of them and ended up with less.capacity and features if I did. I highly recommend the Toyota when your situation fits.


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