The bankruptcy of political rhetoric

The bobble heads in the right wing media are still banging the drum that “Obama withdrew US forces from Iraq” and that this event foretold the rise of ISIS. They regurgitate this pablum for the masses even though the previous Administration agreed to the 2008 SOFA that not only stipulated US forces withdraw NLT 31 December 2011….but also decreed that any future SOFA agreements would have to be ratified by the Iraqi Council of Representatives [CoR]. As we well know…..the CoR was not about to ratify any renegotiation of the SOFA in 2011, at least not with legal immunity for US forces from the Iraqi judicial system. So either these bobble heads are stupid…or they think that their audience is stupid. Or, they would sacrifice the immunity of US forces to a corrupt and Iranian-backed regime in Baghdad.

These same bobble heads attempt to castigate the current Administration for announcing a withdrawal date for US forces in Afghanistan….when the previous Administration did exactly the same for US force in Iraq.

It makes me feel icky any time I have to speak up for the current regime at 1600 Penn….but when the opposition is just as shallow and bereft of reason…….I see any hope for our future dim.


7 thoughts on “The bankruptcy of political rhetoric

  1. Well, they could castigate the current administration for letting al-Maliki run roughshod over the Sunnis. Those chickens were coming home to roost sooner or later and ISIS just grabbed the opportunity.


  2. A decade before he blundered us into Iraq, Cheney was asked in an interview why we didn't conquer Iraq during the first Gulf War, and he essentially laid out exactly what happened ten, now twenty, years later. Dick Cheney knew damned well what we were getting into and got us into anyway. He will go down as one of the worst human beings in history.



  3. One of these bobble-heads is Charles Krauthammer who obviously isn't stupid generally but who seemingly has this one major league blind-spot when it comes to foreign policy and whose self-deception related to the SOFA issue (if only Obama had been more persuasive, he figures) is downright scary.


  4. Jersey said: ” He will go down as one of the worst human beings in history.”

    After Obama, the Democratic Congress who voted to destroy healthcare in 2010, and many many others. Perhaps.


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