A question of common sense

Work is wearing me down….sucking much of the life force out of me….and causing my synapses to misfire. So blogging has been light. But I do occasionally have the odd spark of a question that really makes me wonder.

Why isn’t basic first aid and CPR taught as part of the curriculum in our public schools across the nation?

We as a society are utterly failing our youth in most aspects of the hierarchy of needs: they tend to know only that food comes packaged from the market with little to no knowledge of hunting or farming. The tend to know only that fire comes from a Bic or if they’re lucky, a Zippo.  And for life saving measures, they tend to know only ‘call 911’.

We have created a society of utter dependency on an utterly fragile infrastructure of convenience and sloth.


9 thoughts on “A question of common sense

  1. Will: Exactly: They bully and steal from teachers, and are primarily a political party fundraising/lobbying organization that fights in a reactionary fashion against workers rights and meaningful education reform.

    There was a recent law in Michigan that protected the rights of teachers to refuse to join these unions. The unions have responded by breaking this law, harassing, and stealing from these teachers.


  2. CI, I'm looking at the bigger picture from the way I read your post. We have a Huge population of people who couldn't survive inside a paper bag at a super market. Damn these kids are dumb. three generations of them at least. Maybe SIRI can help them.

    But I think a lot about what would happen if there was the slightest interruption of essential goods or services. Food, Water, Energy. It would be mob chaos. No way the police or anyone would be able to contain the ignorance. That's my short term fear if I have to admit to having one.


  3. I think enough about that scenario, that I've become what most people would refer to as a prepper. I think it's just common sense, but I think I'm at least smart enough to acknowledge that we've created for ourselves, a culture of convenience and dependency. That alone contributes to a general dumbing down of society. Advances in technology does not balance with ignorance in how to fend for yourself, in accordance with Maslow' hierarchy of needs.


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