Megan Kelly is a hottie…..and a shill

Just compare her “fair and balanced” approaches to those who toe the right wing party line regarding the US withdrawal from Iraq, and that towards Jon Stolz from VoteVets, who offered a reasoned, yet dissenting voice.

Political theater for the bobble-heads.

But Megan is still hot.


9 thoughts on “Megan Kelly is a hottie…..and a shill

  1. I see Fox news calling for Obama to be a “real leader.” It is no better than Gweneth Paltrow calling on Obama to be dictator, because Obama being serious about getting things done would be getting the left's Fascist agenda implemented faster and more efficiently.


  2. I'd argue that Fox doesn't want Obama to succeed in any measure [nor do I regarding policies]; but they're laying a smokescreen by appearing to take the high road….yet banking the profits from the continuous media/PR campaign against him. Much like MSNBCs failed attempt during the previous Administration.


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