We’ll be holding our breath for Holder and Sharpton to apologize……

[Dr. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist in San Francisco] also said the autopsy did not support witnesses who have claimed Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up.

She said Brown was facing Wilson when Brown took a shot to the forehead, two shots to the chest and a shot to the upper right arm. The wound to the top of Brown’s head would indicate he was falling forward or in a lunging position toward the shooter; the shot was instantly fatal.

A sixth shot that hit the forearm traveled from the back of the arm to the inner arm, which means Brown’s palms could not have been facing Wilson, as some witnesses have said, Melinek said. That trajectory shows Brown probably was not taking a standard surrender position with arms above the shoulders and palms out when he was hit, she said.


Not really. The race pimps and charlatans will quietly slink back into the woodwork, until the next opportunity arises for them to whore out there quest for relevance.


25 thoughts on “We’ll be holding our breath for Holder and Sharpton to apologize……

  1. Jersey is so quick to give other racists a free pass. And I don't think he read the post, as he brought the “War on Drugs” into it. And so far there is absolutely no evidence of racist behavior by the officer who apparently put down a violent out of control thug.

    Holder and Sharpton are black supremacists who argue for sort of a “black privilege” to go on a spree of robbery and deadly assault, and not face any consequences. If a white person is killed committing the crimes Brown was engaged in, Sharpton and Holder wouldn't give them the time of day.

    and welcome back Jersey.


  2. Jersey won't get any argument from me on the multiple, devastating effects of the “war” on drugs. Likewise, we'll not see any contrition on behalf of those who used the Ferguson shooting for their own political aims. The race industry will perpetuate racism to ensure their own financial viability.


  3. Const: My point with Jersey wasn't about downplaying the “War on Drugs”. It was that for once, it appeared to be unrelated to this situation, which appears so far to be an evil amoral bastard who robbed someone's shop and then attempted to murder the officer who tried to stop him. This isn't conclusive, but as the evidence finally rolls out, it is looking likely what happened.

    If this is true, the police shouldn't apologize to Brown's family, but perhaps Brown's family should apologize to the officer and society for doing such a lousy job of raising a child.

    As for “those who used the Ferguson shooting for their own political aims.”, left-wing racists (even the black version of the KKK known as the Black Panthers) did indeed do this. Even more than those on the right.


  4. The war on drugs and the run amok police state are one in the same problem, dmarks (nice to hear from you again too!). Take the drug war out and the police state shrinks down to a reasonable size and thee sorts of incidents become fewer and less politically charged.



  5. Apologize for what?

    Holder was virtually invisible.
    Sharpton helped keep a lid on the violence. Should he apologize for that?

    Fact is that there is a lot of police aggression against blacks in this country and the Franklin case is a reaction to it.
    Don't think so? Put on black face and pick up an air rifle in an Ohio Walmart.


  6. Not sure what your points are?

    For one, as the evidence comes out in the Brown shooting, it appears that the only racism is that injected by Sharpton and others.

    As for wearing blackface in Wal-Marts in Ohio… even though it is Halloween, I find the idea of wearing racist “costumes” to be extremely offensive.

    And with 33% of Ohioans expressing the basic human rights protected in the 2nd Amendment and owning guns, that means, given basic demographics, that there are hundreds of thousands of black gun owners in Ohio.

    As for the specific shooting incident in Ohio, you can thank the gun control crowd, and the hysteria they are raising over the idea of people carrying guns in public.


  7. I saw a couple of black ministers from the Ferguson area and they were saying that that this was the “police 'interpretation'” of what happened (as opposed to what it really was; a series of factual statements) and basically that we shouldn't believe it. I mean, I know that the African-American experience is different and all and that we need to take in all of the evidence (eyewitness testimony, etc.) prior to making a judgement but these guys were kinda sowing the seeds of paranoia, in my opinion (a la, Sharpton).


  8. And, Jersey, the reason that crack cocaine is treated more harshly than the regular stuff is because a bunch of black politicians in the '90s demanded it to be (I guess that they saw the devastating effects that the crap was having on the community and wanted to get tough on it), not because the criminal justice system is racist.


  9. The worst part of this is not many black folks will ever believe the facts in this case. They CAN'T believe. To do so would be a total rejection of their fantasies that other people Owe Them a living. Can't have that.


  10. Kid: I think it is not productive, to say the least, to start generalizing about black people like this. That borders on racism.

    Especially since it is also true that this greedy, moocher, “beg and whine to get ahead instead of work for it” mentality that you are getting at is just as prevalent in whites. You can't generalize based on race.

    And even if it turns out to be more prevalent with blacks, is it fair to assume any black person who see is a lazy moocher with “fantasies that other people Owe Them a living”? Isn't that a form of racial profiling?

    I can also add, anecdotally, that I have discussed this case with several others, and the ones who won't ” believe the facts in this case.” who have discussed this with me have been all white.


  11. Dmarrks, Well there is a difference. The black community has the obama/holder/sharpton/jackson type people telling them that we do owe them a living and we should not ask for anything in return.
    Of course LBJ kicked this all off by starting welfare.

    Yes there are more white people on welfare and WIC, but I don't see many cases (none that I remember actually) where they think they are above the law.

    Whether the ferguson people believe the outcome of the Grand Jury or not they will act like they don't. It's just SOP at this point.

    We've given them quite a bit over the last 60 years. Why have they not pulled themselves into society ? Again and most of all, why don't their 'leaders' ask more of them? Not talking about all black people of course.


  12. I deal with the issue in terms of individuals, not any generalizations based on race. And the individuals such as Al Sharpton argue for a sort of “black privilege” where black people get a special right to commit crimes and not face consequences.

    I know many blacks who have “pulled themselves into society”, so I am not entertaining any generalizations based on skin color.


  13. Also, Sharpton encouraged the violence. He fired up the protests which had no reason to happen at all. If he had urged people to stay home, or engage in productive work, instead of doing nothing useful while raving racist insults and demanding injustice, the massive crime wave committed by the protesters perhaps would not have happened.


  14. Dmarks, OK, So do I. They say it's about 10%, I'd say it's more than that. The remainder however are not getting better, they're getting worse.

    My opinion based on my own interaction and observations.


  15. Kid, sorry, generalizing about race and making racist observations based on one's own “interaction and observations” is what keeps racism alive. There's a logical fallacy involved.

    I am reminded of a white business owner I knew who was robbed by a black person. That was her “interaction and observations”. Based on this, she hated ALL black people, even to the point of saying it was a mistake for South Africa to get rid of apartheid.

    Sorry, your own “interactions and observations' with African Americans allow you to draw informed conclusions about those particular African-American individuals you had the “interactions and observations' with, but they tell you absolutely nothing about the 99.9999% of those in this racial group that you have never met or interacted with. It is careless, lazy, and fallacious to make such a leap, and a terrible debate tactic to argue by anecdote.

    That's why I am careful to condemn specifically racist individuals (Sharpton and Holder) for their actions. Because I know it is erroneous, and lazy thinking to insult the 99.99999% percent of black people who are not Sharpton and Holder by assuming they are all clones of these two men.


  16. Dmarks. I'm not generalizing. I'm observing and pointing out the black trash. Tell me about some white people playing knockout games. Tell me about a white Attorney General who gives legal preferential treatment to white people.

    I'm not insulting 99.9999% of black people. reading comprehension? I've already stated that way more than the 10% reported have integrated and been successful Americans. The ones who didn't aren't going to. They're not educated or do they live in environments, family units, etc that will make more than 0.0001% of them successful. They're not getting better. They're getting exponentially worse. Someone they respect needs to start demanding that they join civilized society. The people they respect aren't telling them that. Just like the muslims with women, the democrats don't want the voting slaves to become enlightened. Many have tried to do so – Malcolm X for example. The dems killed him.

    I want every black person and every other person to live a happy successful life. Ain't gonna happen. After all we've given them.

    This is a failed experiment.


  17. What do you think would be helpful ? Personally, I'd say step 1 is stop paying women to pop kids out like pieces of toast into zero opportunity gang environments would be an excellent start. And yes, probably more white women than black in this category.


  18. Ducky said: “Fact is that there is a lot of police aggression against blacks in this country”

    Statistically there is very little. However, since you have chosen to play the race card, I feel I should take it off the table.

    Local police kill about 400 a year. Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/08/14/police-killings-data/14060357/

    In many of these cases, as with the Brown shooting, the “aggression” comes from a violent, murderous criminal, and not from the police. So the instances of those killed by police aggression is far less than 400. I think it is too high. as I oppose police abuse. However, since you played the race card, we need to bring things into perspective.

    According to Politifact:


    more than 7000 a year are killed in black-on-black crime. That's clear aggression, of course. That's around 25 times as many as are killed by police.

    Clearly, Sharpton and their protesters, if they were serious about innocent black lives, would protest to take the gang bangers and all the violent criminals out of black neighborhoods and never return them. Instead of harassing an innocent police officer for doing his job putting down a berzerk killer thug who was attempting to murder him. The officer deserves a medal, and Brown's parents should apologize to the community for raising a psycho beast instead of a man. And of course, of course, Sharpton and Holder should apologize to this officer, and pay for the ammo too just to be nice.

    There, the race card Ducky played has been torn to bits.


  19. Kid said “What do you think would be helpful ? Personally, I'd say step 1 is stop paying women to pop kids out like pieces of to…”

    Ah yes, the welfare brood sow. But remember most of these are white. Reagan properly identified the scandal of the welfare queen (most of whom are white), but racists on the left went after him, equating black woman with welfare queen.


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