Sandy Hook families sue Bushmaster – Updated –

The families of nine people murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, plus a survivor of the massacre, are  suing Bushmaster, the North Carolina company that made the semiautomatic rifle Adam Lanza used in the attack. The lawsuit also names as defendants the weapon’s distributor and the East Windsor, Connecticut, gun store that sold it to Nancy Lanza, the killer’s mother. Although none of these businesses broke any laws, the plaintiffs argue that they are guilty of “negligent entrustment” because they made a gun with no legitimate civilian uses available to the general public. Joshua Koskoff, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, told The Wall Street Journal “there is so much ample evidence of the inability of the civilian world to control these weapons that [it] is no longer reasonable to entrust them to [civilians].”

And here we go. Demonization of the firearm. Never mind that this firearm in question was legal to purchase and own at the time of the shooting……never mind that this firearm in question functions no differently than any [generally speaking] other semi-automatic rifle. It looks scary so it must be banned. I don’t blame the lawyers here…they’re just looking to make money off of tragedy…it’s what they do. I don’t even blame the victims families, because they are seemingly simply ignorant of the basic functions of firearms and the lawful nature of the product.

I blame the gun control cabal, who instead of focusing their attention on the root causes of why one resorts to violence…..they pursue the lazy avenue of trying to demonize the tool used in said violence. They do this fully knowledgeable to the lawful nature of these tools and the Constitutional protections guaranteed for their ownership by the citizen. They rely on invented labels and rhetoric and the relative ignorance of the public at large. They preach “gun safety” only because the truthful term of “gun control” has not panned out in their favor…but don’t actually support teaching gun safety. Education is not their goal, but rather a utopian vision that will ultimately leave more victims in it’s wake…as well as the fundamental and Constitutional right to defend oneself with a tool commensurate with the median threat.

– Updated – Eugene Volokhs astute summation of the merits of this case here.


17 thoughts on “Sandy Hook families sue Bushmaster – Updated –

  1. Amen.

    Also, they better be careful with the 'no legitimate civilian use' argument. I could think of all kinds of products and services that have no legitimate use.

    This is more political activist agitprop.


  2. It'll make an interesting case, but the politics of guns right now are just not going with more regulation. As well, the streets are just flooded with guns today. They're everywhere. The locals down here in Florida trade them like baseball cards. I would imagine much of the country is the same. It's going to be a while before Americans can deal with the politics and management of gun control.



  3. Public service announcement – “This is me holding an 'assault-weapon'…….This is me taking the pistol-grip off of that 'assault-weapon'…….This is me holding a weapon that is no longer considered an 'assault-weapon'”…….Atta way to go there, Mr. Obama, Dianne Feinstien. I feel soooooooooooooo much safer now.


  4. A high capacity large caliber semi-auto pistol will do a lot more damage than a rifle firing a small caliber bullet. As will a semi-auto shotgun and many other weapons.


  5. People who file completely frivolous lawsuits like this belong in prison. Alongside that horrid woman who attempted to get filthy rich through perjury when she spilled coffee on her lap.


    Will: Don't forget the assault weapons that are only called that due the color of the paint on them…


  6. Careful, Kid. You are display actual knowledge about firearms. That is frowned on by the leftists who control the gun policy debate, who would rather we knew little more than “long icky pointing bang-sticks”.


  7. Silver: Jersey is coming across as some sort of megalomaniac who wants to force his own personal choices when it comes to firearms ownership on everyone else, isn't he?

    Just because Jersey doesn't need a gun doesn't mean someone else doesn't also. Respect freedom of choice, Jersey….. Or is that such an alien concept? Again, if you don't like guns, don't own one. Problem… again… entirely solved.


  8. dmarks. I saw just today and can't find it now, a chart showing support for gun control going way down and support for gun ownership going way up over the last say 10 years. Encouraging.


  9. Kid: In a country where basic human rights and Constitutional freedoms are accepted by all and never threatened with destruction by malevolent organizes and individuals, this would be no big deal….

    ….like reporting that Pepsi is more popular than Coke, or how many telescopes are sold year by year as a trend.

    But we do not live in such a country. There are bad actors spending a lot of money to take away our rights and make our country much worse. In this case, those like Jersey who support taking away our rights.

    Given the REAL world, we can't treat such support stats lightly like we would preference for Coke or gardening or buying telescopes. Thee stats are important, and they at least show the influence of the mean-spirited people who want to damage our republic has waned some.


  10. “but the politics of guns right now are just not going with more regulation.”

    Thankfully. It goes against common sense. It goes against human rights. It goes against the Constitution. it goes against sound public policy. and this is for starters.

    ” It's going to be a while before Americans can deal with the politics and management of gun control”

    The best way to deal with this is to make sure this basic freedom isn't a political issue. Just like the issue of “slavery”. That used to be a HUGE issue, but we have moved past it. Hopefully, those who seek to run and ruin our lives in regards to firearms will similarly dwindle to nothing. Just like slavery advocates have.

    So it is good that politics are not going in this direction.


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