What’s French for……

FUCK Mohammed?

Come after me, you balls sons of a goat.


28 thoughts on “What’s French for……

  1. Careful, filthy savages might come out of caves to kill you.

    All this hubub about drawing funny pictures of a poorly groomed mass-murdering pedophile who lived millennia ago.


  2. CI: Les at “Rational Nation” shows one of those folks, a kook who tried to incite riots over anti-Catholic cartoons himself. A hypocrite. (the Catholic writer, not Les),


  3. islam is a cancer upon the Earth which must be removed in its entirety. You cannot selectively remove cancer cells and expect a successful cure.

    It is time to put the hammer down, declare islam a cult, take away tax free status, declare general islam activity a deportable offense, search all of their mosques unannounced en mass simultaneously and drive them back to the hellholes they came from. Step one.


  4. Of course, you re cognizant of the logistical and Constitutional obstacles to this strategy? Not to mention laying the precedent of banning a major world religion…all the while claiming that the current Administration is hostile to your religion?


  5. Yeah, Kid. Where's the Constitution in all that?

    Other than in the ashes of several core principles… inalienable rights… which are floating in the air after you torched it?


  6. Playing semantics isn't going to get the job done. Personally, all civilized countries should deport muslims based on the simple idea that their culture will never merge with any civilized culture.

    Otherwise, they win. It's that simple.

    I trust you see what's going on in Germany these days. 25,000 Germans march and tell islam to Get Out, and 100,000 muslims march in reply. And most of them are on German welfare.

    Playing by civilized rules means you lose.


  7. And it will be destructive in so many ways, and won't do what it is supposed to do.

    It will require some sort of secret police apparatus not seen outside of North Korea. Of course it will involve persecuting a lot of thought crime, banning books, tight control of media and internet content, and the like. And even that will fail unless you are constantly shifting the target: “Illegal” Muslims could change how they declare their faith in order to not be illegal any more,

    “I trust you see what's going on in Germany these days. 25,000 Germans march and tell islam to Get Out”'

    Just change a couple of words and it is pretty much the same thing as what was going in in the same country, Germany, 75 years ago.

    And I will oppose Kid all the way. I have Muslim friends in the US, and I will hide and protect them from Kid's attempted purge.


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