Bolt action rifles…..the new scary black "assault weapons"?

Those of us who are educated on firearms and the 2nd Amendment, have been both entertained and disgusted by the gun control cabal’s antics regarding the modern sporting rifle…….erroneously labeled by the aforementioned groups of intellectual midgets as “assault rifles”. How long until they realize that MSRs are not the “high powered”, “killing machines” that they’ve tried to sell to an ignorant public?

Or will it even matter, since MSRs are still the “scary looking black rifles”?

While American movie-goers are making “American Sniper” a box office record-breaker, critics are sniping back, taking all manner of shots at the film, and one might wonder whether some of this distaste is perhaps due to a subconscious reaction to the central core of the film: the story of a man who was remarkably proficient with a rifle. 

How long before anti-gunners start pushing to regulate “sniper rifles,” which might be that bolt-action deer hunting rifle in the gun cabinet, the one with the black or camouflage composite synthetic stock and a scope sight? Such rifles fire cartridges that are far more powerful, and certainly more lethal to big game animals, at greater distances than the so-called “high power assault rifles” panned at every opportunity by the mainstream press. 

The film has already drawn heat from anti-gunner Michael Moore, and other critics have been weighing in as well. There was a piece in the Washington Post about the film’s “missing element: The man behind the gun.” The Guardian ran a piece that asserted the film “illustrates the west’s morality blind spots.” 

Even in the trailer, one gets to look at people through the crosshairs. It’s an unnerving view for some people who dislike firearms and “the gun culture.”


At the very least, I hope the movie educates the public on what it takes to become, and be a Sniper; A public that until now, usually only hears the term when the lazy, drive-by media is reporting on some idiot criminal with a rifle.

Brought to you by a former, and humble Army Sniper.


27 thoughts on “Bolt action rifles…..the new scary black "assault weapons"?

  1. This guy, in real life, was kind of messed up. It seems to many people, he should have been taken off that duty ate some point well before he killed all those enemies. That's a lot of souls to live with. The soldiers who never see any action like that come back with a lot of problems as it is. This guy was used like a drone striker. It's disturbing. What are we creating here?



  2. I remember reading a study that compared how many infantry actually saw someone being killed by them in WWII compared to these wars. Only about 5% of these soldiers in WWII ever actually saw someone they killed. That number has since flipped.

    We have to realize, it is not a normal human experience to kill someone. It causes all sorts of psychological problems we are only now starting to understand.



  3. I'm not sure I would agree with those sort of statistics. As someone who has been in these recent wars, bereft of pitched battles, amphibious assaults and Corps-sized operations….as seen in previous wars.

    Don't forget also, that we currently have a level of mental health care that utterly dwarfs what we had even mid last century.


  4. Anomaly? There has been a sharp increase rate in violence and mental disorders among the troops for over a decade now. These are human beings, not comic book heroes. We used them far too much in the past 13 years now.

    If we're not going to have a draft, and we're not even going to pay for them, the least we could do is be more careful about using them.



  5. You're also in agreement with me. Wars of needless foreign intervention and willfully misleading 'intelligence', should be avoided at all costs.

    Of course, when it comes time to defend ones nation [and there will always be that threat] we'd damned well better be prepared.

    So I would ask you to quantify “more professional warriors”. I'll leave the empty editorializing (killers) to those who are far removed from the profession.


  6. Yep; I know what the military budget is for this year…do you know what percentage of that is for manpower [life support, pay, training, etc]?

    If you're trying to argue from a purely financial position, what is the number you think we should be at?


  7. Lets imagine the impossible and remove all guns from America
    What are these idiots going to do when vermin who know everyone is disarmed bust through their door with knives and clubs, rape and kill them?

    I can't imagine anyone more stupid. Let's recognize the idiots screaming the loudest for gun control have armed body guards.


  8. Kid: The plans are for the greedy bastards in government to steal the guns of law-abiding citizens, with a complete lack of due process for punishing these individuals for this deprivation. A double assault on the Constitution.


  9. There is no such credible plan. Suggesting there is is paranoid conspiracy theory nonsense. The 2nd Amendment (as interpreted) would prevent such a plan from being carried out. The Constitution can't be “assaulted” by something that is never going to happen.


  10. The 2nd Amendment has already been infringed upon countless times, by politicians and lobbying groups that seek civilian disarmament in this nation. And the 2nd is hardly the only Amendment that has been disregarded by our government over the years…..or do you pretend that asset forfeiture, eminent domain abuse and the invasive security-state…are simply 'conspiracy theories'?


  11. C.I. Spoken like someone who is informed about our basic rights and wants to protect them. As opposed to someone who wants them abolished, and consistently argues for the destructive and deadly unauthorized and ignorant exercise of privileges and caprices by the rulers over the ruled in areas they are barred from interfering.

    “…or do you pretend…”

    Pretending is what it is, C.I. when the governor of New York boasts that plans for jackbooted thugs to steal our guns are “on the table”.


  12. Kid: The most evil in human history, the most deaths, are by the rulers claiming they are doing it to stop the rich, help the people. crush the Jews, etc etc. And those you call “libtards” are the ones who cheer the evil people on.

    We even had one of them support a quotation by Stalin.. .an entirely uninformed quotation which Stalin used as the justification for murdering 30 million people.. as a good thing.

    These people embrace, justify, and encourage the “evil” you speak of, Kid.


  13. “Libtards” have never cheered these liars (like Stalin) on… “Libtards” only cheer when genuine socialism is instituted. Because it benefits The People. As opposed to those who cheer, embrace and justify the evil of plutocracy… Which hurts The People. But these Embracers of evil refer to those who suffer as “Takers”. It is possible they just don't know what the F evil is… but either way these people sicken me.


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