Brian "Walter Mitty" Williams

I find this story…..and the assorted reactions to it, interesting. Williams tale don’t really bother me, unless he was attempting to profit from false representation. I’m much more troubled over David Gregory’s willful violation of law….and his protection from prosecution, than I am over a Walter Mitty war story. This was regarding one instance….made of whole cloth to be sure…but nowhere near the perfidy perpetrated by many who styled themselves as trained “commando’s”, with tales of derring-do.

But he seems to have an overdeveloped sense of importance that comes with being a bobblehead of an elitist, but dying medium.

One knows if the helicopter they are riding in is hit with an RPG. There is no grey area in this regard. They would know this due to the actions and directives of the crew chief aboard the Chinook.

Points of order; while riding in the back of a CH47 Chinook…unless the bird actually takes small arms fire [not mention an RPG]….you’re not really in a position to know that enemy fire is anywhere near you. From the accounts I’ve seen, any small arms fire in the vicinity of Williams Chinook, hit the bridging being slingloaded underneath. Being in a Chinook is like riding in the back of a near windowless bus, especially strapped into the center facing bench seat, as he most certainly would have been.

I believe that Williams was told by the crew, after the fact, they the flight had come under fire, and another Chinook was forced to land. Now, perhaps Williams is of especially weak constitution, and has experienced self induced trauma from being indirectly near danger [though likely unknowingly at the time]….or more likely, he saw an opportunity to burnish his ‘war correspondent’ street cred, after a career of seemingly riding various desks in NYC.

He fabricated the story to embellish his credentials, insecurities or sense of importance. Which of those it is, I care not.


31 thoughts on “Brian "Walter Mitty" Williams

  1. NBC News, is that thing still around?

    Still not near as bad as Dan Rather pushing the entirely fabricated Bush AWOL story even long after the documents supporting it were proven to be forgeries.


  2. Reminds me of Hillary's 'misremembered' story of being under attack in Bosnia.

    In a future NBC nightly news segment, maybe she and Williams can reminisce about how they took out that AQ machine gun nest…

    btw, what did David Gregory do?


  3. Gregory knowingly brought an illegal [by D.C. standards] “high capacity” [really a standard capacity] 30 rd AR magazine onto his Sunday news show to use as a prop.

    The news bureau checked with D.C> police beforehand and knew that he would be committing a crime, but allowed it to happen anyway. Due to Gregory's status, D.C. police opted not to press charges.

    Think we would be afforded the same deference?


  4. Perfect example of how we have massive regulations and laws concerning guns already in place. And how the police opt not to press charges. It's a problem of union-thug cops too lazy to do their jobs (this case) and other situations of a lack of enforcement.


  5. “In a future NBC nightly news segment, maybe she and Williams can reminisce about how they took out that AQ machine gun nest…”

    Yes, a mission of derring-do back a decade or so ago. And Dan Rather was on the spot, recording it with his iPhone 6.

    Might as well pile in that NBC News guy who wanted to show how dangerous pickup trucks were when you loaded them with explosives and blew them up. Or the MSNBC “journalists” who call people racial epithets as part of their “reporting”, or bash Mitt Romney for having a multi-racial family.

    There's a lot of problems with the news, and a lot of it is indeed found in the left-wing media, and not just Fox News.


  6. CI… seriously, remember Carl Rowan, who had a consistent “the state matters, the people don't” attitude on everything, including hostility to our basic freedoms? A pretty consistent left-fascist?

    He wanted the government to steal people's guns. And then he was caught using an illegal gun for defense. I guess he wanted everyone's Constitutional rights violated, stripped of the basic human right of self defense. Except for himself.

    Another example of left media/pundit hypocrisy. Also, if Gregory's bosses are so opposed to gun crimes, they are hypocrites for not firing him, aren't they?

    In the mean time, it would be a good idea for everyone to buy as many guns as possible. At gun shows, preferably, to stay off the government “We're going to come and get you” registries. Because the threat of firearms theft by government, and the jackboot crackdown IS real.

    (I figure I will own a firearm by the end of the year myself, due to the threat to my rights).


  7. Some would be, Jersey. However, some would stay, just as they would at the other places. No different. Long as you realize, Jersey, that their not being leftist isn't in itself bad journalism.


  8. CI: We will wait a long time. Jersey's views of Fox News are based on vague impressions, not reality. I learned this when he claimed Fox News was ignoring a certain major story. The reality was, they were flogging it in hourly headlines at the time.

    Jersey will surely ignore your request.

    I am no fan of Fox News, but it is interesting to see the leftists bash it while giving MSNBC a free pass do the same, or worse.


  9. Silver: I'd be glad to discuss the Rather situation. A significant example of attempted fraud by the left-wing media as they kept pushing a hoax even after they knew that the only source was faked documents and Democrat party officials in full campaign mode.


  10. Silver: I'd be glad to discuss the Rather situation. A significant example of attempted fraud by the left-wing media as they kept pushing a hoax even after they knew that the only source was faked documents and Democrat party officials in full campaign mode.


  11. Also, Sanders, the link, you provided–or 'linke' as the laughable outlet you link to says it, among many other misspellings–makes no substantiation of AWOL. It uses the term in the headline to draw in the slobbering leftwing haters like you, but then concludes that is was really rich privilege, which children of both wings of our demican-republicrat criminal gang take advantage of.

    You should probably expand your list of information sources.


  12. Correct, Silver. Some prefer to get “news” from unqualified editorials-type rants, rather than factual sources.

    AWOL is a specific charge. And in this case, completely imaginary. It isn't present in Army records at all.

    Now I hope you learn not to go down the troll hole with him. All he is good for is trying to fill people's blogs with hundreds of gay porn comments.


  13. dmarks,

    Trust me, I know all about him and his leftwing friends. We actually tried a shared blog site for awhile, but the leftwing owners of the blog felt their natural urge to censor and punish kick in, and the project collapsed.

    but you're right. Dealing with such leftwing ding dongs is a waste of time.


  14. Silverfiddle, the the “laughable outlet” I linked to did not misspell “link” as “linke” – it correctly spelled the last name of Janet and Jan Peter Linke. Janet Linke is the widow of the F-102 pilot who replaced bush when he lost his flight status. According to Janet Linke, bush's “commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Killian… told them [the Linkes] that Bush had stopped flying because he became afraid to land the plane”. bush said “the Guard was phasing out the F-102 on which [he] had trained, and therefore [he] had opted out of flying”. But Linke's husband was “transferred to Houston to replace him on the F-102, [because they] still needed pilots, despite the phaseout”.

    The Linke interview points to one of bush's many lies in regards to his AWOL cover up. Which is the REAL hoax, BTW. The forged documents are a part of that hoax – the hoax that there is no evidence bush went AWOL. There is a lot of evidence beyond the forged documents – such as the Linke interview (Source).

    We should also remember that copies of the documents were first released to the public by the bush White House. Scott McClellan stated “we had every reason to believe that they were authentic at that time”. Baloney! Wikipedia notes that “critics of Bush suggested that
    the memos were produced by the Bush campaign to discredit the media's reporting on Bush's National Guard service… [and] that the memos might have originated with long-time Bush strategist Karl Rove”. Proof that this is likely what happened is the obvious lie McClellan was fed (to repeat to the media).

    But Rightwing ding dongs like dmarks and SF simply don't like the truth about this matter, so they ignore it and laugh about imaginary misspellings and that the “only source was faked documents”. The documents were actually copies (or forgeries) of the original memos, for the record. This according to Jerry Killian's secretary Marian Carr Knox. When interviewed Knox said “the information in here [the copied memos] was correct, but it was picked up from the real ones”. Knox also said that she “felt the memos reflected the truth about Bush's alleged service failures” [his going AWOL].

    And I should also note that I am not “trolling” – I am setting the record straight. Dan Rather told the truth about bush going AWOL.


  15. dmarks: Because the threat of firearms theft by government, and the jackboot crackdown IS real.

    dmarks has previously objected when I referred to him as a “gun nut”, but statements like the one above represent nuttery of the highest order. Conspiracy theories of this nature are what the evil NRA uses to dupe nuts into “stockpiling” their product.


  16. C.I: Yes. some carelessly call rational argument for protection of our basic rights “gun nuttery”. while at the same time these people attempt to deceive us by claiming that the numerous threats by government officials (as high as the governor of New York) to steal our firearms don't exist. Greedy, ill-intentioned, open threats documented in all media that are as far from 'conspiracy theory” as one can get

    Yes, such childishness shows badly here, doesn't it C.I.?


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