Something stinks in Indiana

Last week, the Indiana State Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. The verbiage of the bill is sufficiently vague [by design] to seem benign on it’s face….but the public statements by supporters of this bill, leading up to it’s passing, make it quite clear what it’s about [some Indiana establishments are already declaring that they will no longer serve gays]. A special privilege for religion….but with an ironic twist probably not thought of by the proponents – only those religions sanctioned by the Government. If I followed a religious belief not shared with the dominant faiths of this nation, my standing in a court of law under this bill, would likely be nil.

That’s something I fail to understand, regarding the pursuit of a victimhood status by the dominant and pervasive religious faith of this society. Many of the faithful rail against alleged government intrusion in their religious practices while accepting both special privileges and incentives from said government – and ignorant of the precedent set when laws like this pass. They seemingly fail to realize that every time a law is passed creating a special right or allowing them to discriminate as please, they set a legal precedence that can be used against them. The chicken little charades over Shari’a law taking hold in this nation, are made more likely with the passing of each one of these laws.

In the end however, it is not religious freedom they seek, they already have that. Are there instances where this is infringed upon? Absolutely, and those cases should be adjudicated appropriately, taking religious liberty into account, without carving out a special right not available to other citizens…based merely on what a citizen believes.

Back to the Indiana law. I wrote above that the bill was written to a level of vagueness [by design I believe], such that Gov. Pence is forced to “clarify the intent” of the measure. I’m thinking that a “Clarification Bill” is an easier process now that the law has been passed, than were the “clarity” to be written into the law in the first place. By design. Special privileges.

Personally, as I have stated previously, I support the right of private business owners to refuse goods or services to whomever they wish. That someone believes in a deity, and I am fairly agnostic, doesn’t equal their belief to be any more valid than my own, in the eyes of the law. THAT is religious freedom.

But let the majority continue to pursue their crusade of victimhood, along with their well heeled industry of faux outrage and contrived injury. It will be their undoing, because they’re not playing the long game; they’re not pursuing a coherent and just strategy; and they are ensuring that they will not remain the dominant religious faith [among the landscape of faithful and not] in perpetuity [as declining numbers already indicate].

158 thoughts on “Something stinks in Indiana

  1. I would say denying the existence of White privilege is something a racist would do. Like how the KKK presents itself as “Christian”. Racists usually don't like it when others tell the truth about them and usually always dissemble about their positions in order to fool the gullible.

    And I never claimed Silverfish called people “homos”. I would not be surprised if he did, however. We do know dmarks has referred to black youths as “thugs” and “violent felons” though.


  2. “We do know dmarks has referred to black youths as “thugs” and “violent felons” though.”

    Which is not only a lie, but like the link to your fan blog above, very much against what C.I. said about not doing this. Get that long standing beef back in your pants, Mr. Dervish.


  3. Now you're making things up (no, wait, you've been doing that all along). But CI said don't bring your beef here. He said nothing about linking elsewhere. Although I don't have any “fan” blogs. Certainly not one for you. And the beef being brought here began with you and your promotion of your fan blog (by which I mean your old blog, which you shut down in order to dedicate it to me).


  4. CI said: “”Dervish and dmarks – take your longstanding beef elsewhere. Further comments on this matter, regardless of the author, will be deleted.”

    I think linking to an irrelevant fan page that you made in order to completely fail to make the point that I am racist counts as that.


  5. I don't agree. And the non-fan page I linked to made my point in spades. In any case, dmarks continues bringing the beef – in that he continues to respond in a futile attempt to deny his past racist comments are racist.


  6. BTW, did Silverfish become a “WD fan” by requesting and being accepted to view your WD fan blog? You know, the fan blog when you set up as a shrine to our long standing beef? I wonder how many members there are of dmarks' WD fan blog?


  7. I won't answer and further your whining bromance, because the blog host requested that we don't continue this.

    I for one have manners, and will not come into another's blog and make a mess. Especially when the host tells me not to.


  8. dmarks forgets he is the one who started the mess by bringing his beef here – even though when he tried it before (on the PE blog) he was told (then as now) not to. But dmarks is quite lacking in manners in that regard.

    But I see that dmarks has run back to Will Hart's blog to whine and spin more of his unreality about me there. Given that Will enjoys and appreciates dmarks disregard for the truth. In fact he shares dmarks enthusiasm when it comes to “wd fan” comments and commentaries.


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