Letting no tragedy go to waste


Apologies for the Deutsch, but when in Germany….every site comes up as .de.

This post is labeled under “Assclowns”. No further commentary needed.


16 thoughts on “Letting no tragedy go to waste

  1. And Bachmann's alternative is to do what, exactly? Bomb the Iranians? I mean, does she actually think that the Iranians are just going to sit back and take it (an especially ludicrous notion in that we would probably have to hit them every two years or so)? That they wouldn't try and destabilize Afghanistan (by riling up the Persian speaking population there)? That they wouldn't try and destabilize Iraq even more so? That they wouldn't encourage and bankroll Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, etc. into attacking Israel? That they wouldn't attack OUR troops in the region? That they wouldn't fire off missiles into Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel? That they wouldn't try and shut down the Strait of Hormuz (where 90% of Persian Gulf oil goes through) and mine the hell out of that sucker? Look, I get it. She doesn't like President Obama and that is fine (I'm not a fan myself). But the guy is trying and probably pursuing the best of a bunch of bad options. Cut him some slack, I say.


  2. About what Bachman said…

    Either we will all look back in a few years and say “What an idiot!” Or we'll all look back and say, “She was Cassandra.”

    Frankly, I have no idea which of those two will be the case.


  3. No one ever accused Bachmann of eloquence or subtlety of thought…

    Simply ripping a page from Alinsky's book doesn't work. You've got to have a propaganda network and a manipulable public sympathetic to your demagoguery. She has none of that.


  4. Will,

    Iran does most of those things right now.

    They are no longer trying to destabilize Iraq now that we have delivered that nation to them on a US taxpayer silver platter. They are in Iraq helping the Shia government kill Sunnis.

    What do we do? Continue what we have been doing: Keep the economic sanctions on. The alternative to negotiations is not war. That is a false choice peddled by leftwing propagandists.

    If you believe Obama and Mr. Heinz-Kerry can get the better end of the bargain with the Persian Ayatollahs, I've got a bridge to sell you.


  5. Yes, Iran is already doing most of what Will listed.

    Israel itself is quite justified in countering each missile that Iran is having Hamas fire at Israeli civilians with a missile to take out airbases, supply depots, and other aspects of the war machine inside Iran.


  6. CI: Thanks.

    As you know, my sympathies generally lie with the Repubs, but they couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.

    People like Bachmann hurt the cause, and I marvel at who clueless the GOP combatants are in the public arena of ideas. It's like they have no awareness whatsoever of the environment around them.

    They are the inverse-Sun Tzu


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