A Dad doing what good Dad’s do…….

Our children shouldn’t be collateral damage. Props to 1SG Kastle for going the extra mile, as any good father should. Video at link.

Tonight, Seth will read his daughters “Why Is Dad So Mad?” — a book he wrote about himself. 

Kastle served for 16 years in the Army Reserve, and was deployed to Qatar, Afghanistan, and Iraq. When he returned home to his wife and kids in Wakeeney, Kansas, he struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and had a hard time explaining it to his kids. 

“I struggle with anger. That’s probably my main symptom. I also have some issues that go with my memory,” Kastle said. “There’s mornings that you go into the bathroom and you look at the cup that holds your toothbrushes, and you just stare at it because you don’t know which one is yours.” 

Kastle searched for resources to explain his PTSD to his children, but found the options lacking. So, he wrote a book and started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to hire an illustrator and get the book published. The campaign met its $3,000 goal in just eight hours, and eventually swelled to more than $6,000. 

“In my book I talk about the fire inside dad’s chest. To me, that’s what it feels like,” Kastle said.

Kastle is already working on his next book for military mothers with PTSD, and is using the extra funds from his Kickstarter campaign to finance it. 

As Kastle turned the final page of his bedtime story book, his daughter Raegan wrapped her arm around her father and kissed him on the cheek. “I like this book. I’m really proud you did it,” she said. 

The book is available now at http://www.kastlebooks.com.

NBC News

62 thoughts on “A Dad doing what good Dad’s do…….

  1. dmarks: faked screenshots…

    Right. You know what you wrote. And it is clear to anyone who looks at the thread that you did not delete what you wrote due to a spelling error or “bug in Blogger”. Every single one of your comments in that thread would not be missing if that were the case. Why delete them all? I'll tell you why… It's because you wrote EXACTLY what the “faked” screenshot shows. dmarks is too much of a coward to stand by what he writes.

    dmarks: CI. told me not to, and I complied.

    Baloney. You're whinning because I'm exposing your dishonesty.


  2. And dmarks shows his immaturity with some “clever” (in his mind) sexual innuendo concering the word “beef”. That is in addition to his BS concerning a nonexistent “mancrush” and “fan obsession”. dmarks wishes.


  3. The Afghan War (which I supported initially but stopped once it became a nation-building and counter insurgency enterprise) was supported by every single Democrat in the House and Senate and candidate Obama even criticized Bush and the Republicans FOR NOT FIGHTING IT STRONGLY ENOUGH!! This who notion that the Afghanistan fiasco is a partisan scandal is total BS.


  4. A stopped clock is correct twice a, day, but it is not correct at one minute past either of those times. I will be curious to see what CI says about Bush and others in this regard.


  5. dmarks: A stopped clock is correct twice a, day, but it is not correct at one minute past either of those times.

    Translation of the above: CI is the “stopped clock” and dmarks won't insult him for his differing views while “wd” is the “one minute past” clock who dmarks will insult. This hypocrisy based on nothing but the partisan views of dmarks.


  6. dmarks: I tried to make some sense or find one glimmer of truth in the above claim by Dervish…

    dmarks does not even understand his OWN comments! You have many times stated that you disagree with what CI said he agreed with.

    CI: …he no longer has a blog

    You are mistaken. I have a blog. It is located here.


  7. Will: The Afghan War… was supported by every single Democrat in the House and Senate…

    The evidence for this is what? The AUMF authorized action against “the terrorists” and does not mention Afghanistan. Perhaps I am wrong, but I believe the Democrats for the AUMF is what you incorrectly think equals support for the invasion of Afghanistan.

    It would help if Will ever explained himself. But he does not because he likes to claim “victory” if he is vague and someone guesses wrongly concerning WTF he's talking about.


  8. Will: This who notion that the Afghanistan fiasco is a partisan scandal is total BS.

    BS. The invasion would not have been necessary if bush had accepted the Taliban's offer to turn over bin Laden. It was bush who turned them down. He did not consult any Democrats as far as I know.

    The Afghanistan “surge” was moronic, however. I will agree with you about that. Although I suspect Obama may have “surged” because he felt he had no choice, given that the Republicans had successfully fooled the American people into believing the Iraq surge worked.


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