Children on the Internet

It was only a matter of time. I lasted longer than others, in keeping an open comment blog. But as any can see, the pathetic nature of some….who not only cannot conduct mature discourse with an opposing view……but when told to go elsewhere…..flail about in a petulant tantrum [evidence is in the comments section of the post below].

I have been forced to require comment moderation, since I don’t have the time some basement dwellers do, to police this site from folks who need validation from being intellectually dishonest. Many of you who stop by here, already know the vermin of which I speak…….and you warned me to be sure.

Anyway…..those of you who proffer mature dialogue [which as been everybody expect the offending party] I will approve those comments as quickly as I can.


11 thoughts on “Children on the Internet

  1. Not going to add on the crawlspace hatch in the kitchen floor being figuratively nailed shut.

    It would be good if Dave Miller, Rusty, BB-Idaho, Octopus and others made their way here to contribute. BB is one of the most challenging minds on the Left.

    (And yes, I disagree with Will on Octopus)


  2. The sad thing here is that there are probably more than a few things that CI and wd could agree on; civil liberties, immigration, some of the social issues, many aspects of foreign policy, etc.. But because wd is so consumed with hatred, envy, impudence, and dogmatism, all that the guy can do is engage in these bellicose tirades and polemics. It's quite unfortunate, I think.


  3. Undoubtedly, but when the intellectual benchmark is represented by assertions that because an editorial calls Wayne LaPierre a 'terrorist', and he cites it…..that it somehow meets a higher standard than me calling Bloomberg a terrorist [as an analogy]…..there's simply no meeting on the same paradigm.

    Coupled with that, he maintains more than on blog where he writes writes fiction about bloggers he dislikes…..he has some serious psychological issues.

    I have no time for prolific posting of absurdities.


  4. “I have no time for prolific posting of absurdities.”

    Tell me about it. This is like the 5th or 6th blog he has stalked me to. He tends to blow up with his “fetish” on me. and most of the time he gets banned from the blogs.


  5. And for writing massive amounts of homoerotic poetry, and making fan blog after fan blog. Or that time he did thousands of words in many posts and made a fan blog just because I put up a couple of captioned pictures about KFC in my own blog.

    How many does he have for you, Will, 5 or so?

    If he has one specifically for him making up what he thinks you, Will, think of Rachel Maddow, who knows how many he's done.


  6. I'm willing to give him a fresh start. I can, and have, accurately described the quantity and quality of the huge number of posts he has tried to put on my blog. I'm find with leaving this, and the bit about the Stalin quote, in the past, if he is willing to do something similar and mature: such as removing the sock puppet “Lying Lester”, “Dennis” etc blogs. And instead deal only with what people actually say.


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