This….is what your college-age children are learning….

Approximately 50 student protesters marched into Barton Hall Friday afternoon to disrupt Cornell President David Skorton’s farewell party.

The protesters marched across the gymnasium floor–filled with over 500 students, employees, and locals–waving signs and chanting various slogans, until ultimately settling upon the stage where a four-piece jazz band was playing to deliver their grievances against Cornell, Skorton, administrators, the Board of Trustees, Cornell Police and the NYPD, the KKK, Israel, and the jazz band. 

The protesters had earlier marched across campus and sat in the intersection of East Avenue and Campus Road outside Duffield Hall for over an hour, despite the “system-wide delays” reported by the local bus system and the dismay expressed delivery truck drivers. The undergrad, graduate, and faculty members sitting on the road took turns standing in the middle of their circle to deliver speeches regarding a variety of topics including, but not limited to, the following: systematic racism, sexism, rape culture, the riots in Baltimore, microaggressions, Cornell’s occupation of indigenous lands, capitalism, oil companies, patriarchy, masculinity, and straightness. 

One student, whose jumbled speech was to the effect of “we’re all fucking racists,” blurted the N-word out at one point and was later reprimanded by another speaker. Later, the offender returned to the middle of the circle to apologize for his choice of words, saying something to the effect of “I’m sorry, I’m a fucking racist, fuck me, fuck America.” 


Nobody is a more ardent supporter of civil and Constitutional liberties than I……but our academia writ large….has morphed into Clown College.

I’m saddened by the world I will leave my daughters.


10 thoughts on “This….is what your college-age children are learning….

  1. We're in an age of extreme nihilism and self-absorption. People have no concept of what came before them and what sacrifice built and paid for what we enjoy now, and I'm not even talking about the military, but the people who built this nation into was it is.

    The only consolation, and its a sad one, is that these people will be the first to die off after an EMP burst.


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