Erasing history: Solutions in search of problems

So retailers from Walmart to Apple to Amazon to the National Park Service are falling over themselves in an attempt to not be the last entity selling or displaying the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. Oh the horror……

Attempting to erase history to soothe the intellectually frail and those prone to the vapors isn’t going to solve problems of racism or violence. The flag in question plays no role in these problems. It’s an inanimate object and should be treated as such. But that’s how our society reacts….erase a symbol and it will be proof of “doing something!” That’s all that matters…the optics.

Meanwhile these seemingly well intentioned folks are ignorant that moves such as this, merely sets a  precedent that may well bite them in the proverbial ass.

The battle flag should no more be flown over a government facility, nor incorporated into a state flag….than should the rainbow flag of the gay rights movement [yet there it is]. As stated on Doc Bailey’s blog:

I believe that it is an important part of our past, and should not be consigned to the dust bin.  I thing the confederate battle flag should fly.  With a caveat.  It should fly over reenactments.  I think there is a middle ground, where we can honor the courage and sacrifice of Americans, regardless of side, and also at the same time recognize the wrong done.  Unfortunately, at the time, passions are too high for this to happen.  One can only hope that the blood pressure subside enough that we can take a more realistic look at our history.  Accept both the good and the bad, and learn from both.  Like it or not the Confederate States of America is a large part of American history, and without the CSA, the USA would not be the country it is today.


26 thoughts on “Erasing history: Solutions in search of problems

  1. Dervish Sanders lied about the discussion here, over on another blog, in an attempt to devote multiple blogs 100% to his personal grudges, at the expense of issues.


  2. In regards to “Getting rid of a symbol of hate is a good thing”

    If “getting rid of a symbol hate” involves crushing people's basic rights of expression, then this “getting rid of”' has gone too far.

    As such, CI's post was well written. That anyone might call it a “whine” only shows that the person saying so is coming into the post “loaded for bear” in terms of a personal agenda, and hasn't even bothered to read or seriously consider the matter.


  3. CI: I admit I didn't know this name of that flag. I took it upon myself to learn more than I knew of it.

    For sure, the Gadsden flag is symbol of the rights of the people, the defense of such rights, and the oppositino to tyranny.

    No wonder it doesn't sit well with socialists.


  4. All of this can be taken a bit too far…….there was some twit on CNN the other day suggesting that because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves the Jefferson Memorial in D.C. should be removed.

    Is'nt this the sort of thing the old time communist did?


  5. dmarks lied – either here (where he praises CI), or on the other blog he mentions (where he sings a different tune). When he finds a blog he likes it seems he feels compelled to suck up to the blog host – at the expense of a genuine discussion on the issues. Pretty pathetic, IMO.


  6. I will quote here my same quote that i gave on another blog that so upset Dervish:

    “Incidentally, it is the same as Constitutional Insurgent's argument…. and would appear to be the most rational approach. To remove this flag from the official expression and promotion of the government, while protecting its use in the expression of individuals as per our Constitution.”

    I stand by this here … or anywhere. Also, what Mr. Sanders confuses with “sucking up” is just manners and decency. It is poor form to go on someone's blog and trash the host.

    “Rational Nation” referred to such behavior is going into someone's house and taking a dump on the living room rug.


  7. On the RNUSA blog you agreed with the blog proprietor who said the GOP was “stumbling” in regards to taking down the flag. Here you agree with CI who says taking down the flag is a “solution in search of problem”. What is your REAL opinion? I challenge you to choose a side. I doubt you will, as your agenda of sucking up is an obvious priority for you.

    As for actual important issues… dmarks makes it extremely difficult to discuss them. He prefers to lie about those he dislikes (grudge matching) while sucking up to those he does like (even going so far as to have different opinions based on what blog he's commenting on!)


  8. Also, what Mr. Sanders confuses with “sucking up” is just manners and decency.

    dmarks, When one's currency is levying pejoratives……everything else seems like sycophancy.

    He prefers to lie…..

    Interesting comment coming from you. You have neither recanted nor proven your assertion from the other day.


  9. I demanded nothing. I challenged you to chose a side… And correctly predicted you would not. Also, you were rude first – when you accused me of lying (when I told the truth) and of “attempting” that wasn't done.


  10. The Communists as well as those who came after. Try finding a prominent bust of Lenin anywhere east of the Vistula.

    Ironically, the alleged power of symbols is found strongest within those who are trying to erase them. The left has given the Battle Flag far more prominence and import than racists could ever have.


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