"Secular Jihadists"

The latest rhetorical tantrum thrown by pouty-faced foot stompers who are seeing a decline in the legislation of their religious beliefs, and the special privileges that have come with it.

Their claims that they support liberty, freedom and individual sovereignty have been exposed for the facades they are.


57 thoughts on “"Secular Jihadists"

  1. Re TARP, Jersey said, “crooked people are going to raid our tax dollars” and Ducky said, “we are GIVING money to the capitalist pukes that did boom-boom all over the economy”. Does not sound to me like either of these two defended TARP. (Note: see my “fetish site” for links/proof).


  2. I will answer here if C.I. requests it. It's his blog, and he is on a short fuse when it compares to off topic stuff. And this sort of “he said, he said” stuff which has nothing to do with secular jihadists is far afield. Up to the blog host….


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