Political Bouncers and their ropelines

What sort of effete, spineless pushovers populate our media corps these days….to allow a candidate and her staffers to corral them behind a moving rope? A media corps that are complete accomplices to the political duopoly.
I can’t help being a bit shocked that any self respecting citizen would allow themselves to be deprived the freedom of movement…..by another private citizen. The collective press should hang their heads in shame.


14 thoughts on “Political Bouncers and their ropelines

  1. What an apt metaphor…

    Too bad there's no video so we could hear DC's supine, servile toadies mooing and baaing as Hellary's gargoyles corralled them.

    Michael Savage summed it up best:

    “The Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column.”


  2. Bold displays of power by strongman types make Jersey all giddy and leg-tingly.

    Hellary Rotten Clinton could disembowel mewling kittens with her bare hands and Jersey would defend it, and gleefully skip off to the polls to vote Hellary early and often.


  3. Submission legitimizes their actions. It encourages more.

    Unfortunately, not everyone submits out of fear or obedience. Some want to be on the “winning team” (though Sanders and Trump are the real populists of the crowd of clowns running for pResident) or hope that their ass kissing pays off somehow.


  4. Like Hillary or not, I think you'd have to admit,they are running a great campaign. She has no real competition and is assured the nomination no matter what she does.

    Its amazing…over 50% of people think she isn't trustworthy and she really is a terrible speaker who comes across as a nasty old lady yet she's a shoe in for the nomination.

    Maybe she will have another stroke before the election.


  5. Bernie Sanders's popularity is proof that Albert Einstein was right about insanity. He is running on the possibility of destroying capitalism, and implementing free-everything. The same kind of Marxist fairy tale Obama ran on, and betrayed.


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