Long overdue upgrade to service sidearms

In a significant doctrinal shift, the U.S. military is relegating full metal jacketed (FMJ) pistol bullets to a training role, and will be adopting modern hollow point designs similar to those used by most domestic law enforcement agencies and citizens who carry handguns for self-defense.

The stunning announcement was made at the U.S Army’s Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey yesterday during the military’s two-day “industry day” for the Modular Handgun System (MHS), which will conclude today.


Not only is the Army actively looking for the replacement to the underwhelming Beretta 9mm, DoD is finally looking to move from standard ball ammunition to the more effective hollow points. This has been a bone of contention at least since adopting the M9 and discarding the reliable standby, the M1911 .45. I remember that transition well…..and it’s left the U.S. military under-gunned ever since.

Kudos for finally [though long overdue] taking care of our service members [SOF not included; they’ve had the HK45CT and MEUSOC .45’s for quite some time now.

7 thoughts on “Long overdue upgrade to service sidearms

  1. I'm surprised given that during my 25 years of service the party line was always that hollow-point ammunition was a violation of the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC). I carried both the 9 and the 45 at various points in time and definitely would prefer the 45.


  2. The U.S. is/was not a signatory to the Hague Conventions which outlawed the military use of expanding ammunition.

    Personally a fan of the .40 for EDC….I too, think going back to the .45 is a brilliant move. Too many cases to count, of the underpowered 9mm decidedly not doing the job in Iraq and AFG.


  3. My maxim is that the zombie apocalypse could occur at any time….it's always best to ensure that you and yours are well stocked for defense, before seeing to your entertainment needs.

    My eldest daughter however, plays guitar and would likely disagree with me.


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