D.C. Stands with criminals

“We are proud to stand with our immigrants, documented and undocumented alike,” Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton said. “Donald Trump has worked up Republicans around the nation into an anti-immigrant frenzy that the Republican House has been eager to take up.”

“Today, however, we serve notice that neither the national anti-immigrant bill passed by the House or the D.C. bill that penalizes D.C. because we are a sanctuary city will pass both Houses of Congress and become law.”

The District Council has already given support to the “Local Residents Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2015”, which would allow illegal immigrants in the District to vote in local elections. D.C> already allows illegal immigrants to legally drive with a ‘limited purpose’ license.

It should probably comes no shock that the District of Columbia flips the middle finger at the law, given it’s status as the home of our three branches of government.


8 thoughts on “D.C. Stands with criminals

  1. I like the new place.

    My view of the District of Criminals is, let them get bold and overconfident. Half the battle of restoring freedom is de-legitimizing an authoritarian government and the District of Criminals is doing the hard work for everyone else.


    • Exactly.

      No such deference to gun laws, school choice, affirmative action, and the hostage scenario of federal tax dollars.

      Likewise……right to marry….right to carry.

      The left only likes it both ways…..when both ways benefit them.


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