Seems a sad state of affairs……

when much of the right mutinies against the cable news outlet that is in bed with their party.

A little advice for the rank and file of the GOP: you want a serious and mature political system? Support serious and mature candidates. As long as Trump leads GOP polls….the party deserves it’s eventual Whig fate.


7 thoughts on “Seems a sad state of affairs……

    • Building the framework and consensus for a third [or more] party is my fervent desire. The duopoly in this nation, with the accomplices of the media and industry….has taken our nation far afield from the vision and tenets of the Constitution.


  1. BOOM!

    Trump has turned it all into a farce, and that’s a shame, because there are some good candidates in the GOP field.

    We need at least two more viable parties to break the duopoly. I don’t see disaffected dems and repubs unifying, so each would have to split off into their own off-shoot party. Then, if the Libertarian party could grow, you’d have five smaller parties, given the newer three could siphon off enough from the Big Two.


    • Now you’re just teasing….!

      But you’re right, there are some good candidates running….I may not agree with them on most issues….but I think they’re solid people who want the best.

      Heck, I even feel a bit sorry for Bernie…what with the “black lives matter” hooligans shutting down his events.


    • Policy in America is what die Körperschaftlichbonzen want it to be. From the big technology companies that make money spying for the NSA, to the Federal Reserve, to big environment with its kickbacks, to the bloated bureaucracy of the military-industrial complex, to the perpetual 2 Minutes Hate of the 24/7 News cycle.

      Both parties are just two sides to the same — I can only call it what it is (even if is not an official state ideology with rigid social enforcement, yet) — fascism.

      Creating more parties would likely take the country from duopoly to cartel, unless there was an absolute separation of business (and unions, the biggest are corporations in their own right; other special interests too) from government. But nobody wants a free market because that would rob all bigwigs, both crony-corporate and political, of their monopoly on power.

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    • I have to wonder if Donald Duck is a democrat plant, or a closet progressive. Not likely but everything he says does nothing but give the democrats political ammunition. Not that the Republican party is any better, but he is to them what Obama and Clinton were to gun sales.


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