Seattle hates the poor

Oh, you wouldn’t think it…what with their outlandish plans to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour [which will of course, ultimately put many of those workers out of a job].

No, this time the good City of Seattle is moving to pass a $25 tax per dealer-sold firearm, and a 2-5 cent tax on ever round of ammunition sold within city limits. Without fail, that price hike will be passed on to the consumer. So why does Seattle wish to burden the less fortunate, who wish to exercise their Constitutional rights?

The committee voted unanimously this morning to send the proposal to the full city council for consideration next Monday, according to the Seattle Monday’s vote could set the stage for a legal confrontation, and there were hints that existing gun shops could move out of the city, and that gun owners living in Seattle will simply shop outside the city, thus thwarting any dreams that this tax will generate $300,000 to $500,000 annually for the city’s gun control efforts.

Waiting in the legal tall grass are the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. They’ve already advised against the tax proposal, primarily on the grounds that it will violate the state’s 30-year-old model preemption law.

Never mind that this tax is illegal under RCW 9.41.290 – State preemption…..pesky laws are only for the plebs.

So Seattle would pass an illegal tax that hurts small business owners, hurts the ‘economically disadvantaged’, targets lawful purchases which are not anywhere over +/- 10% of the firearms used in crime….and will simply encourage consumers to make their ammunition purchases online and firearm purchases outside of the city limits.

Good job Seattle!


16 thoughts on “Seattle hates the poor

  1. Without fail, that price hike will be passed on to the consumer

    Firearms dealers have monopoly pricing?
    Why don’t they just raise the price $25 now?


  2. A shameful little secret: The most progressive cities are also the least diverse and most hostile to the poor.

    This is from 2009, but nothing has changed since then:

    SanFranSicko claims diversity, but when you look closer, it is a highly-segregated city, with the Pelosis, Boxers, and Feinsteins living in their own secure white enclaves that brown people only see when they come in to clean the toilets.


    • “In fact, lack of ethnic diversity may have much to do with what allows these places to be “progressive”. It’s easy to have Scandinavian policies if you have Scandinavian demographics. Minneapolis-St. Paul, of course, is notable in its Scandinavian heritage; Seattle and Portland received much of their initial migrants from the northern tier of America, which has always been heavily Germanic and Scandinavian.”

      It works in Scandinavia because of cultural homogeneity. Egalitarianism runs very deep and most have the same priorities and work ethic. The price of success is conformity, and conformity is very strong in Scandinavia.

      The United States is not culturally homogeneous and conformity is not a big thing outside of inner-city-white-guilt circles.

      Of course, even in Scandinavia, the socialist system falls victim to human nature, but this interior is covered in a sugary glaze.


  3. Raise the minimum wage to help the poor, ignore them when they get laid off, then deprive the poor of any means to defend themselves.

    Progressive doublethink at its finest. The system is there to help the less fortunate, but those who are less fortunate are a burden on a finite system and penalized for using it.


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