Drooling, cross-eyed retard sets stage for next tranche of SJW butthurt

The stupid burns strong in Perlstein…….

The Liberty Zone

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really sick and tired of sniveling, perpetually-offended social justice warriors foisting their chafed labia on the rest of us via political and social pressure! It seems their entire lives consist of finding outlets for their affronts and offenses – real or imagined. I honestly can’t figure out how people who are so touchy and faint-hearted managed to live to adulthood with that much sand in their collective twats!

Enter this Rick Perlstein thing. I hesitate to call it a man, because no one bearing gonads should be this shrewish and whiny! Frankly, no one with any set of female genitals should be this petulant as well; hence it’s a “thing.”

Just take a look at this hypersensitive hipster wannabe uber douche! If this creature has any testosterone coursing through its body, I’d be shocked.

His latest screed takes on that shocking, racist…

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13 thoughts on “Drooling, cross-eyed retard sets stage for next tranche of SJW butthurt

  1. I don’t know why she thinks this guy has some kind of problem with his masculinity, or what that would even do with the story, or what she hopes to accomplish, but we really need to let this go. No one is hiding any Americans or American remains in Vietnam.



  2. There is a method behind the madness. Those with power need masses of angry people. Encourage them to get offended, get them riled up, then offer the solution.

    Those who want a fascist utopia need solidarity. Solidarity is easy to achieve when a group or its identity is under attack, but these feelings of mob mentality are fleeting. Once they gain sufficient power, it will start suppressing the bonds of love, friendship and family, so that solidarity can take its place without impediment.

    War on Happiness.

    Defeating them is simple. Do not hate someone or something just because it is popular, or more importantly, because some distant leader — who does not know you and does not understand you — says you should.


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