On Trump. Word.

“I think the objections are that you have a man in a Republican debate who praised single-payer. You have a man still talking about funding Planned Parenthood, A man who has flip-flopped perhaps on the wealth tax and gun control. A man who in any other circumstances would have been laughed at for the primary. If you look back to when Mitt Romney was running, flip-flops that were not remotely as substantive as Donald Trump’s….He’s making it up as he goes along and we’re all falling for it for some reason.” – Charles Cooke, National Review


15 thoughts on “On Trump. Word.

  1. Politicians are good at making themselves “real” and “personable” and speaking their interpretation of “truth” to power. Through propaganda, the complicit media’s willingness to memory-hole inconvenient facts, and short collective memory, they can still whip up a following.

    More and more are discovering the concept of live and let live, but there are still more than enough sheep to perpetuate the duopoly for many years to come.


  2. My suspicion is that 20% (of Republican primary voters) is probably his ceiling and that as the field narrows down he will at some point descend…….As to whether he runs as a third party candidate, who knows.


  3. I find it impossible to avoid the suspicion that Trump is in the race at the behest of the Clinton’s. Having him there now serves as a distraction, and when he runs as an independent, facilitates the old Clintonian strategy of triangulation.


  4. It’s really, really funny. And the knock on Trump is that he holds liberal positions, meanwhile a guy like him could never pull numbers like that from Democrats and liberals. Conservatism in America today is a FUCKING JOKE.



      • Silver, it’s really foolish to personalize politics the way you do. We’re talking about positions, the ability to actually do things in the real world, political realities. You, again, just want to go after someone personally whom you don’t like, the number one conservative pass-time. Corruption, incompetence, and moral and intellectual bankruptcy IS CONSERVATISM. For Christ’s sake, Silver, TWENTY FIVE PERCENT OF REPUBLICAN VOTERS SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP! The movement is dying. Good riddance.



      • Corruption, incompetence, and moral and intellectual bankruptcy IS CONSERVATISM.

        There is hypocrisy among both progressive and conservative bigwigs and the parties in general. More Americans are becoming liberal… in the true meaning of the word (liberal, from libertas, meaning liberty, freedom, individualism)


        I said it before. Politicians are good at making people think that they are “real,” and making them think they are more than just a statistic to said politician/party. There are still enough sheeple to perpetuate the duopoly for years, but it is dying…

        …and so is progressivism.


      • Jersey,

        Thanks for returning and proving my point. Dictators love sheeple like you.

        It is not getting person to state facts about Hillary:

        The White House Chef has as much WH experience as she has. Her and her girl gang of amateur warlords have destroyed large swaths of the levant and North Africa. Libya is another Somalia and Isis surges with American weaponry and training thanks to Hillary.

        The Clinton Foundation is an international criminal enterprise that dodges taxes, peddles influence and sells access to the highest levels of US government.

        Her clandestine e-mail server, while maybe not illegal, is definitely Nixonian, and the government has found classified e-mails on them. She is either careless or stupid. Which is it?

        Hillary Clinton is a corrupt old pol with old ideas, but political fanboys like you will still vote for her and her pedo-rapist husband (at least 10 documented trips on the Lolita Express to Sex Slave Island.

        You, Jersey, and your fetid, unthinking ilk are what is wrong with out country. You stink. Your ideas stink, and your politicians stink.


      • Thank you for returning again and demonstrating what a blind Hill shill fanboy you are.

        Your tortoise shell mind is impervious to facts. It is not “BS” that they found classified e-mails on her server. It is a fact that has sparked an investigation. That is a fact. It must be great fun in that hopium-filled fantasy bubble you live in…


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