On Female Rangers


So, it appears that two female Army officers have passed their final patrol and peer evals for the Swamp [final] Phase and ultimately, the US Army  Ranger School. Swamp Phase is no joke, Ranger students have perished there….including my fellow Red Falcon, SGT Norman Tillman and three others in 1995.

Ranger School is a physically demanding and mentally exhausting leadership course. That these two officers passed apparently without recycling, is a testament to their fortitude and character. Many are claiming that these ladies are “the exception”. They’re right. Many average female Soldiers could not pass the Ranger Course……….but the same goes for many men.

But…Ranger School is not average…it is the exception.

I’m fortunate enough to have a personal yardstick which to measure by. Mrs CI was an Army officer who could have no doubt given Ranger School a run for it’s money, if not graduated proudly. I wish these two leaders the very best in their careers, as they proudly wear their coveted Ranger tab.


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