Hey “#BlackLivesMatter”

“And when people say ‘all lives matter,’ it’s a violent statement, because the only time that people say ‘all lives matter’ is in opposition to ‘black lives matter,’ and it’s the most violent statement of love that you can do,” he said. “It’s like, ‘all lives matter!’ Yes, we understand that, it’s true, but in this country for the longest time, the United States acts like black lives don’t matter.” – ‘Activist’ Julius Jones, on CNN

Your life is of no more value than mine….so by default, my life maters just as much as yours. If your self-righteous, pompous, racist ‘activism‘ clouds the cognitive portion of your brain….let me spell it out for you…..How about Fuck You.


14 thoughts on “Hey “#BlackLivesMatter”

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    What you don’t seem to understand or refuse to acknowledge is that poor blacks live under harassment that would have you protesting like hell if it ever happened to you which it never will and you know it.

    You have been in a state of privilege for so long that you have lost any perspective.

    In that sorry incident I onder who you mot identify with:

    1. The pathetic piece of white bread who called the cops because (s)he thought a handicapped man waving his crutches represented an existential threat.

    2. One of the 14 clowns who couldn’t handle the situation properly.

    3. The handicapped individual.

    Well we know for sure it ain’t three but it might be one. Most likely two.
    Because FREEDOM or something like that.


    • No. What you don’t seem to understand is that you and your fellow travelers are forced to project a false notion that people like me…people who matter just as much as these “activists”…support or otherwise silently advocate police brutality and the militarization [both physically and mentally], because you can’t defend an asinine diatribe spouted by the naive Jones.

      The quest for victimhood is disgusting.

      Similarly, I don’t see these fine folks of the lazy hashtag movement, standing with me against 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendment infringement. So once again….if the parity of MY worth with theirs, is a “violent act”…..fuck ’em.


    • You clearly have not heard about all the SWAT incidents where dogs get shot, where bystanders have gotten shot, where people have gotten burns from close proximity to flashbangs. More often than not, these are a case of SWAT teams raiding the wrong house, either because of poor intel or because of the trick called “Swatting.”

      The victims of these raids are mostly white, not out of some institutional prejudice, but because the houses raided are in suburban areas, where whites are the majority. Yet, the calls for a race war are extremely rare from whites. There are no protests or riots. No astroturfed media campaigns.

      To say that blacks are the only ones suffering from police brutality is asinine, reeking of typical progressive mob mentality.

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  2. The guy behind “Black Lives Matter” is white.


    Nothing new. Adolf Hitler was short, scrawny and browned haired, with dark eyes. His “Aryan übermensch” were tall and blonde and blue eyes.

    None of this will matter to the mob mongers. The War Against Happiness (hatred and anger is the fuel of all totalitarianism, including hatred of whites) will continue, thanks to the sheep who eat the poisonous candy of propaganda.


    • So what?

      The fact of the matter is that blacks are sick f living in a state of occupation that you absolutely do not comprehend.

      And they are not going to allow the fringe right wing to divert the focus.
      This is not going to dissipate without changes.

      First step would be to get rid of the ex-military S.W.A.T. units who just love to get a drug warrant so they can play Halloween dress up.

      You just can’t handle those uppity blacks. Especially now that everyone is essentially carrying the means of a civilian review board.
      Propoganda? Someone calling himself “son of liberty” is lecturing on propaganda.
      Come on out of the Libertarian sandbox into the fresh air. There’s a whole world out there.


      • I’m not going to defend silly college-speak. But you’re just being unpleasantly dismissive. The police state imposed on black people by white people has devastated their communities. Their lives, especially in the judicial system are treated as less important than the lives of whites. These are realities to wit you exclaim – fuck you! Nice. Real fuckin’ nice.



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