Marriage Martyrdom *Updated*

Despite having been subjected to a relentless onslaught of dire prognostications, of gays surrounding churches with pitchforks and torches [metaphorically speaking]….it’s of little surprise to many of us that the first tantrum over the Obergefell ruling, comes from a Christian.

Not just any Christian, but one who had sworn a oath to serve the people [ALL of the people] of Rowan County, Kentucky. Not content to discharge her duties, which had previously included issuing marriage licenses to cohabitators, fornicators and other assorted sinners……Mrs Davis decided that the civil liberty of marriage to one of the same gender would be where she drew the line…and embarked on her quest for martyrdom.

And martyrdom is exactly what she seeks. She could have directed deputy clerks to issue licenses to gay Kentuckians, or found any number of methods to avoid the physical act of signing/stamping her name on these papers [as has been done in states where gay marriage has been legal before this summer].

No….in a stunning display of hypocrisy and bureaucratic tyranny, she simply refused to do her job. She threw a tantrum out of anger that her sect has lost the special privileges and governmental preferences they have so long enjoyed. She hypocritically employs a defense of adhering only to “God’s law”, [as a civil servant in a secular government….] yet appeals her case [denied at every level] to the apparatus of that same secular government. So either she’s not terribly bright….or she had meticulously planned this charade to breathe fire into the masses who cling to a notion of faux-victimization [after a long history of institutional persecution and prosecution of their fellow Americans, based on their unprovable belief system].

I don’t however, believe that she should have been jailed….but simply fined for as long as she continued to refuse to discharge the duties of her office. Given her inevitable circuit on Fox News and the radio talk shows, and feting by Christian activist groups, I think that she’ll do OK in the long run. Unfortunately, true religious liberty takes yet another hit, by being tarnished by association with the grievance industry.

Now, Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee [who’s poll numbers might lead you to think that he’s not actually running] is heading to Kentucky…because apparently “Christianity has been criminalized”. That ought to lead to a pretty busy day for law enforcement come Sunday morning. Seriously, with ignorant assclowns like this in the GOP….can it be any wonder why Obama won two terms as POTUS?


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