The irony is strong in Kentucky

The money shot: So we’re going to ask [Governor] Beshear to do his job or step down.

You can’t make up this kind of stupid……

Out of curiosity…..does Rowan County, Kentucky require petitions for divorce be filed with the County Clerk?


15 thoughts on “The irony is strong in Kentucky

  1. I can’t believe Briggs, of all people, thinks this lady is right. I’m glad to see you hitting this hard. The irony is so thick. The very same people saying Obama is over-reaching his executive power, seem to think it’s okay to just do whatever your religion dictates with your executive authority. It’s so blatantly hypocritical. And there goes Huckabee to visit this moron (who apparently fancies herself the next MLK Jr – more irony!). Amazing.



  2. MLK, Jr. used civil disobedience, and as a society, we have accepted civil disobedience as a good thing.

    I’m not saying that Kim Davis’s actions and self-justification thereof is the same thing, but I do want to point out that civil disobedience has been touted as valid grounds for disobeying the law.

    What Kim Davis should have done: she should have resigned, then explained why.

    As for her having granted divorce petitions, I’ll repeat what I recently said over at Western Hero…

    I venture to guess that she doesn’t know (or accept) what Scripture teaches about Biblically-acceptable grounds for divorce.

    Furthermore, few churches today uphold the concepts presented in Scripture. Most churches today take the position of let bygones be bygones.

    Back in the day in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, my mother came under scrutiny as to her eligibility for church membership; Mom had divorce in her background, the OPC would not grant membership unless divorce were predicated on Biblical grounds.


    • ….but I do want to point out that civil disobedience has been touted as valid grounds for disobeying the law.

      True, but the cases of civil disobedience that were noble in nature [such as Rosa Parks and MLK] were grounded on pushing back against a denial of civil liberty. In Mrs. Davis’s case, she is using cvil disobedience to promote a denial of civil liberty.


      • CI,
        I understand this.

        But you know what? The education system has inappropriately promoted civil disobedience. I’m sure that Davis is a product of that public school system.

        Besides, as an Apostolic Christian, she believes that her cause is noble in nature.

        Please know that I’m not defending what she has done. I just understand why she has done what she has done. I do not agree with what she has done.


    • I think that’s a fine [pun intended] solution. I do not think that she should have been incarcerated. All that has done is breath life into the meme that she’s being ‘jailed for her beliefs’. And while Mrs. Davis may not have intended pursuit of faux-martyrdom, many of her supporters [and Presidential candidates] are doing so as we speak.


      • Yes, she should have been put in jail. She is a public servant who took an oath to do her job, and is refusing to follow a law that has been interpreted by and judged the law of the land, by the Supreme Court.

        MLK was jailed for his Civil Disobedience… he protested knowing full well the attendant penalty.

        If she was not going to resign, most likely because of her salary, all she had to do was her job.



  3. The issue with refusing to allow her subordinates to issue licenses seems to be that each license bears her name as County Clerk.
    I don’t disagree with her being jailed. No judge could countenance the outright defiance of a court order. If it turns her into a cause celeb so be it. The alternatives to the rule of law don’t bear contemplation.


    • Her name is still associated with the County and State, which allows gay Americans the same civil liberty of marriage as Mrs. Davis. She’s trying to disassociate herself on this supposed moral issue, but only to the degree that frames her position….rather than the complete severance of ties.


      • Spot on. As I said at WH the honorable thing to do would be to resign in protest, which BTW would function as a ‘get out of jail free’ card as she would no longer be in a position to carry out Judge Bunning’s order.


  4. This was handled stupidly all the way around; by the woman, by the bureaucratic buffoons (prison, really?), by the politicians (you have Huckabee and Cruz glorifying the woman), by asshats in the media, etc.. And the solution here is obvious. Either offer the woman another job or make it so that the deputies can hand out the marriage licenses (if they can give Muslims accommodations then they can give this chick an out, too). Boom, done.


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