Bretagne, 9/11 Hero

I’m a bit disappointed in looking around the web today, to see not so much honoring the victims and hero’s of the terrorist attacks of 9/11….but mostly a rehash of the same tired political rhetoric against Obama, Bush, Muslims, etc…..

There’s 364 days to do that….and they do. Today, I will attempt to tune that out, and honor one hero who probably doesn’t get the media recognition that someone like Rudy Giuilani does. Bretagne [pronounced Brittany], the last known surviving 9/11 rescue dog.

Every year, when the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I like to take a quiet moment to reflect on the many heroes who saved so many lives on that dark day. Like just about everyone, I remember the firefighters, police officers, National Guardsmen, and ordinary citizens who kept fighting, even when it seemed like all hope was lost.

I’m far from alone in spending a moment with the heroes who served our nation that day — this touching tribute from the Naval Academy to our fallen warriors brings me to tears every time. I think that it’s also wonderful to spend time remembering the canine heroes of 9/11, like Salty, who guided his blind owner down 71 flights of stairs.

Turns out that someone else had exactly the same idea. BarkPost, the blog associated with pet food company BarkBox, decided to honor the last living 9/11 search-and-rescue dog in the best way imaginable!

Bretagne, a golden retriever, lives with her mom (and handler) Denise Corliss in Texas. Together, they form a K-9 unit that’s part of Texas Task Force 1. Their first assignment, 14 years ago, was searching the wreckage at Ground Zero.

Please go here for more……..

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