Hillary Clinton thinks that you are stupid

“I am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions, but there are answers to all these questions.

No Hillary, it’s not us who are confused. This woman wants your vote for President of the United states.


10 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton thinks that you are stupid

  1. Ya’ know guys, has it ever occurred to you the only reason Clinton sustains her support is because the only viable alternative will be a Republican, and they stink even worse, a lot worse, than her? Even Republican voters don’t want a Republican!

    It’s not the messengers, guys. It’s the message. GOP = hurt the country. Democrats = hurt the country less. Get it? Conservative politics, these days, are just shit and voters are waking up to the stench.



    • Your opinion is noted. And no, that really hasn’t occurred to me, as the pursuits of the Democratic Party are no more sane or noble than those of the GOP; both parties seek their own power in the flimsy guise of working for the citizenry. That said, I likewise don’t want a Republican POTUS. It’s a shame that there is no an electorally viable alternative.


      • A lot less.

        Hillary is not a great choice – any GOP candidate is lot worse. Only Trump, a populist demagogue, seems closer to a human being than the scumbags you morally retarded cons support.

        Hillary’s entire popularity is based on severe disaffection with the alternative. Her negatives are too high to suggest any other reason. I figured you guys would be cognitively unable to see this clear fact.



  2. Hillary hasn’t had an original idea in her whole life. It is ALL a bunch of recycled, hackneyed, discredited, and brain-diseased progressive pablum (Keynesian economics, collectivism, radical environmentalism, racial idiocy, etc.) and, while, yes, she may be marginally less toxic than some of those Republican candidates (Trump, Cruz, and Huckabee especially), a) that isn’t saying a lot and b) I still wouldn’t vote for the dullard even at gunpoint. That, and she’s such a damned phony!! My God.


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