Gay SecArmy? Huckabee’s head explodes

“Yet Obama is so obsessed with pandering to liberal interest groups he’s nominated an openly gay civilian to run the Army. Homosexuality is not a job qualification. The U.S. military is designed to keep American safe and complete combat missions, not conduct social experiments.”

I’ve looked at Fanning’s resume…and it seems on par with nearly other Service Secretary’s in my memory. Apparently, Huckabee is so obsessed with sexual orientation, that it renders him a one-trick pony. But he wants to be your President.

On a related note, it turns out that Ted Nugent is a ‘gay vegetarian pirate‘. I always suspected.

7 thoughts on “Gay SecArmy? Huckabee’s head explodes

  1. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the carpet-munchers and fudge-packers have moved in, with the criminal intent of turning our great military into a European-style jobs program full of overweight, long-haired maggots and useless women who couldn’t dislodge a prancing troupe of sugarplum fairies from Christmas Island.

    If a gay man or woman can meet all the standards and wants to serve, God bless ’em, but we don’t need to blow trumpets and unfurl the rainbow flags over it.

    To all you real men out there looking for something worthwhile to fight for, head to Eastern Europe. They still cherish their culture and their sovereignty, and God bless their hearty souls, they are still unapologetic about defending themselves against the moslem hordes.


  2. By all accounts, the Secretary to be seems like a fine man, but we should all be wary of social engineers tinkering with what works. Did you see the fallout from the Marine Corps experiment with women in direct combat roles?

    I also believe bringing in transgendered will be next, and we’ve all seen what one or two drama queens can do to team morale and cohesion. Transgendered have mental problems at a higher rate then the general population, and there are documented medical issues that go along with making the physical transition.

    No prejudice, but none of that crap belongs in a fighting unit.


      • Son, I can’t prove it, but but I believe there are sappers at work, undermining the bulwarks of every societal institution.

        If a man or woman can fight, or administrate, their personal proclivities, so long as they don’t undermine morale and cohesion, should be of no concern, on that I think we agree.

        Separating the activists from the normals is just as difficult as sorting out the good muslims from the bad.


      • If we agree on this, and apparently we do…..why the anti-intellectual vitriol in your first comment? Good morale is not dictated by the lowest common denominator. Further, “normal” and “activist” don’t exactly have definable metrics. Your ‘normal’ “good Christian” is another’s ‘wild-eyed activist’…and vice-versa.


  3. By God, I’ve seen bible thumpers turn over the shit pot too. Some of them just can’t leave well enough alone, and to tell the truth, the peter puffers usually kept to themselves. We all knew who they were, just like the dope smokers. Keep it to yourself and nobody cares.

    Hell, you can roll up pubic hairs and smoke them for all I care, but by God don’t make the rest of us stand up and salute it for Christ’s sake.


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