California bans school shootings

Yep, that’s right….there will no longer be any school shootings occurring in California, because they have banned the lawful carry of firearms on campus.

Makes perfect sense…..


6 thoughts on “California bans school shootings

  1. They are not banned. You have to get permission from the campus to carry, and I’m sure some people will be armed (like campus security, many of whom are essentially police dept’s themselves). They just don’t want any ol’ moron walking around campus packing. That’s call grown-up. Grow up.



    • They are not banned.

      Read the text.

      But in true form, you support seeking permission to exercise one’s Constitutional rights. Given Statist policy toward speech on campus, I presume the 2nd isn’t the only Constitutional right you like to see neutered?

      Grown-ups don’t legislate by emotion. Self reflect jersey…self reflect.

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  2. Well Jersey, my “sleazy little comment” stands because I didn’t need to rely on an insult to make my point. You do. You’ve proven that twice in just this topic, especially in your second deleted comment.

    Adults can make points and argue positions like adults. look into it.


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