The alleged “War on Christmas” now comes with caffeine

The time of season is upon us, where some people get offended if they don’t hear Merry Christmas from a retail establishment only intent on taking your money. The latest front opens on the heathen Starbucks coffee chain. Even Kimberly Ross of Red State isn’t having any of it.

The holidays are approaching, so get your cultural outrage meter ready. If you’re watching the calendar, Thanksgiving is two weeks from this coming Thursday, and the Christmas season will soon be in full swing. At many stores, the holiday season begins with Black Friday shopping, that zoo-like day-after-Thanksgiving (or sometimes night-of-Thanksgiving) event which highlights our obsession with stuff. Right now, businesses already show signs of the season, with holiday-themed decoration and sales.

And then there’s the controversy over coffee. Well, not really coffee, but the cups the coffee comes in. And not really a cup from any store, but a cup from the coffee store. Starbucks. I’ve noticed that people have strong reactions to vendors like Starbucks (or Walmart) in a way they don’t with others. The issue this season with Starbucks? You will receive your coffee in a plain red cup. That’s it. There won’t be patterned snowy things, trees, ornaments, reindeer, Santas, sledding, or anything else you’ve seen in past years. Your overpriced cappu-latte-macha-ccino, with extra foam, will have to be drunk out of a solid color cup. Oh, the horror.

No, really. Some people are having a fit with this, and I am amazed. It really is making a mountain out of a molehill, and many are livid over it.

Starbucks rolled out plain red cups, the sort of minimalist theme that many faux-trendy places are prone to.

But because it doesn’t have snowflakes, Frosty or candy canes…..some folks have lost their minds. Think about that for a moment; some people are actually offended that a coffee chain didn’t affirm and reinforce their personal beliefs [or aesthetics] on a disposable coffee cup.

Just when I think my fellow man can’t shock or disappoint me with their selfishness and cultural tantrums


13 thoughts on “The alleged “War on Christmas” now comes with caffeine

  1. It shows that both left and right both have a “right NOT to be offended” complex.

    Tyranny is almost always the elevation of a “greater good” above personal needs without the consent of those involved. The irony about involuntary collectivism is the “ME!” factor. Tyranny is always supported by those who personally benefit.

    The best way to defeat the PC crusade: be un-PC. Those who don’t like Christianity can similarly choose to ignore it. Live and let live is a forgotten concept.

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    • Tyranny is always supported by those who personally benefit.

      THIS is the money shot. The only statement I’m unsure of is in regards to PC. I think ‘political correctness’ is simply an excuse that exists on both sides of the spectrum, that allows people to ignore logic and reason….and replace with personal biases.

      Or perhaps, I’m merely wired to be politically incorrect…and don’t even notice it.


  2. I don’t know where or how they dredge up such perpetually-offended individuals.

    Here is a cut and paste of what I said at Z’s blog:

    This doesn’t bother me in the least.

    Christmas: Christ’s birth

    Holiday Season: All the secular stuff: Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc

    My family enjoys celebrating both, each in its own way.

    I would rather government, the media and business keep their grubby mitts off of our Christian Christmas. They would just sully and blaspheme it.


    • I would rather government, the media and business keep their grubby mitts off of our Christian Christmas. They would just sully and blaspheme it.

      agreed, but I would add to that, the retail commercial market. Much like they do for Veteran’s Day…..they cheapen any and every holiday on the calendar.

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  3. I can’t drink coffee. I don’t care about Starbucks. Who cares about a silly coffee cup from a company that is too chicken to say, Merry Christmas?

    Screw ’em if they can’t take a joke.


    • You have my condolences for not being able to enjoy a fine cuppa [not that I’m implying Starbucks brews a fine cuppa], and I agree to an extent…but why should a retail establishment be compelled to use a seasonal phrase, when December has symbolic dates for many people and differing faiths?


  4. It’s always silly season in America. Much thanks goes to social media technology.

    I can’t find any evidence that this outrage involves anyone but a jackie named Joshua Feuerstein, a “pastor” who has a history of social media flare ups with atheists.

    Then the “news” sites like Huffington grab on and off we go.
    Much ado about nothing but we bite almost every time when there are serious issues in the country which we can’t face honestly.

    Dunko’s forever.


    • Ed: Starbucks is HQ’s on the Left Coast where they believe in the resurrection of coffee, but not the resurrection of Jesus. Oh, the up and coming religion out there is Climate Change, whatever that is.


    • It is a hipster thing. Hipsters are pretty well to do, and while they pretend to care for the less fortunate, they give away their money for overpriced drinks like no tomorrow, instead of actually helping others.


    • Hi Ed,
      Starbucks used to be a nice oasis from the pressure cooker of city life. The music was quieter. The service was friendlier. The seats were comfortabler. And the coffee (and tea) was top notch. That got a whole lot of people used to Starbucks, a long time ago.

      The hipsters and schoolkids are another group who frequent SB.

      But there’s another contingent too. Crowded East Coast US cities with overheated real estate prices and downsizing employers who are too cheap to have enough desks for their people have dumped scores of white collar people into consulting and “self-employment”. Some can’t afford offices, and so work from Starbucks at least part of the time.


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