The Return of the Poll Tax

From TTAG: “Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle officially announced today her intention to pass the county’s first round of ammunition taxes during this Friday’s county board meeting,” the Illinois State Rifle Association reports. Yup, you read right: this is only the first poll ammo tax planned for Cook County. “This initial tax will slap a penny a round on rimfire ammo and a nickel a round on centerfire ammo. According to Preckwinkle, the tax is being levied on gun owners in order to ‘…improve public safety.’” Ammo tax revenue will go  towards unspecified “public safety programs.”

Wonderful…….the county with one of the most restrictive regime of gun control laws, now decides to tax the citizens ability to exercise a Constitutional Amendment….and not just that, but to funnel the proceeds into a vague slush fund.

Can’t legislate your control….litigate. Can’t litigate your control…tax.


6 thoughts on “The Return of the Poll Tax

  1. It is not merely a constitutional right they are taxing. It is a natural right. Every creature on Earth has a mechanism of self defense. Tools such as guns are our means. Such laws should be end-run (such as buying ammunition out of county) or ignored.


  2. People will just go elsewhere to buy their ammo. This is Crook Country, the corrupt Democrat Machine sewer that spawned President Obama. Chicago and Illinois are broke. They’ve robbed the pension fund and have nowhere to turn for more money but raise more taxes.

    I pity the people who cannot escape.


    • Many of the ones who cannot escape are the very people that the progressives claim to be representing in their rhetoric. The poor. Chicago is not alone: Seattle is punishing their poor with a “Gun Violence Tax.”

      While I do not expect Establishment Republicans to call Democrats out on this hypocrisy, it is surprising to see that none of the libertarian-leaning candidates are either. This is a golden opportunity to attack the progressives where it hurts the most (at least in places that levy such taxes).


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