How to solve the Islamic migrant problem

Syrian refugees arriving in Europe should form an army which can be sent back to ‘liberate’ their home country, instead of ‘drinking coffee in the cafes of Berlin’ while western soldiers face ISIS, the Polish foreign minister has said.Daily Mail article

Did not the Poles have the Home Army and the Polish Armed Forces in the West? Did not the French have the Free French Forces? The 1st Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group? The Jewish Brigade?

If their homeland is worth us fighting for….it’s worth them fighting for it.


10 thoughts on “How to solve the Islamic migrant problem

  1. Yes, the Poles had a Home Army and they were slaughtered in Warsaw by the Germans as the Russian forces sat on other side of the Vistula.

    The French were in a better position having to chose between the Americans/British and the Nazis.
    Syrians have a dilemma.

    The other two mentioned were never serious forces. The Jewish Brigade did significant duty guiding refugees into Palestine, however.

    Western soldiers are facing ISIS because Western politicians decided to whack the hornets nest with what they thought was a big stick.
    We wrote a check our ass couldn’t cash and now we refuse to accept responsibility


    • You’re dodging the point. Instead of fighting for their homeland, the majority would rather migrate like a ravenous herd…not to a country that could take them in…..but to a more prosperous country that could give them more entitlements.

      If you aren’t; willing to out your able bodied, military-aged ass on the line….why should I give a shit about you?


      • They have no future in their homeland.
        There’s no reason to fight and it makes more sense to leave.

        Fight for whom, ISIS? Assad?
        This idea you have of life being nothing but arming yourself for a fight is very shortsighted.

        Muslims who have come to America from Iran, Syria ad Iraq have been very entrepreneurial and have been productive.

        It’s not all about their trying to take your stuff. That’s simplistic.


      • At least you’re consistent, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard you support the empowerment of the citizen in the face of tyranny. If you won’t fight for your natural rights…’re not living…you’re only existing.


      • They could build a decent homeland for themselves, by overthrowing both Assad and ISIS, and creating a secular republic. There is oil, which they could take back from ISIS to build an economy. There are probably other resources too. Damascus has a rich history, great for tourism.

        That all hinges on their willingness to fight and build something.

        The land that is Israel was land that the arabs themselves did not want originally. The Jews bought most of it and fought for the rest, and built a thoroughly modern republic.

        It can be done, if the will is there. Sadly, many of them, perfectly fit to fight, want to mooch. Some among them are taking ISIS’s orders and are not being vetted.


  2. They are cowards for leaving their wives and children behind.

    The only other possible explanation for so many of them being men of fighting age and fitness is because some of them, possibly many of them, constitute an ISIS shadow army.


  3. Hooah!

    As Ducky says, this is a result of our meddling, but to quote a great stateswomen, what difference at this point does it make?

    These men need to turn around and fight for their land and to build a better society. No society advanced by its military age men running away. If things are going to change in the ME, that change will have to come from that generation of men and women.


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